Mark’s Stadium: The Cradle of Pro Soccer in the United States

Mark’s Stadium: The Cradle of Pro Soccer in the United States

My first foray into documentary film production yielded this seven-minute feature on the history of Mark’s Stadium. Built in Tiverton, Rhode Island, the stadium served as the home of the Fall River Marksmen of the early American Soccer League of the 1920s. Built across the state line to circumvent Massachusetts Blue Laws preventing the hosting of sporting events on Sundays, the soccer-specific venue seated 15,000 spectators.

Bulldozed more than six decades ago, the legacy of this stadium has largely been lost to even the most ardent soccer¬†fans in the United States. This documentary details the importance of the venue within the broader history of American soccer, and the significance of the stadium’s siting in the context of an area of the country that was heavily influenced by immigrant culture.


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Zach is a historian and author who has been covering sports near and far for various publications since 2006. Formerly the managing editor of Informative Sports and Global Turnstile, he has also been featured at Helium, FanSided, the Portland State Vanguard and other online publications and is the author of three books, including "Dispatches from Vancouver: A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America's View of the XXI Winter Olympiad". He currently lives in Eugene, Oregon. Follow him at Twitter @zbigalke; for more info on his books, visit Amazon.

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