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sulogo_rssThere is a fundamental belief that the consumer drives the content. At Sports Unbiased we take that belief seriously. Sports Unbiased delivers the content fans want and deserve. The writers and columnists here are from all aspects of life, each person has a unique voice and a point of view you will only find at Sports Unbiased. We believe in quality over quantity and that is reflected in the articles we publish. Could we publish hundreds of articles every couple of days like other sites? Yes but we believe that watered down content is not what the reader wants. The reader wants to be engaged through thought provoking content that will make you think or generate debate. That is what we believe and what Sports Unbiased personifies.


Sports Unbiased is a veteran owned sports media brand created by a passionate core group of knowledgeable sports fans and published writers. Sports Unbiased launched in 2012 and through rapid growth has become one of the top independent sports sites in the United States.

Sports Unbiased utilizes a mix of talent to generate its content from around the globe. The writers you find here are all sports fans with unique thoughts and opinions on anything sports related. While several of our columnists are new to sports writing they strive to become the best at delivering the best content possible and captivating the attention as well as the imagination of the audience.

The Sports Unbiased writing staff is comprised of prior service, independent bloggers that have joined the SU family or writers merely looking for their voice to be heard. This diversity ensures differing viewpoints, unique styles and a venue not present anywhere but here.


The mission of Sports Unbiased is to become the first choice for respected sports opinion, interaction and user driven content around the world. With that in mind Sports Unbiased promises the following:

Up Front and Honest: Sports Unbiased believes in a foundation of ethical behavior, honesty and integrity throughout day–to-day business. Regardless of topic or event, Sports Unbiased will always work in an up front and honest way.

The Highest Standard: Sports Unbiased believes in performance excellence. That proprietorship and the writers therein will meet or exceed the expectations of our readership. If at any point in time a reader feels this to be inaccurate they should contact the lead editor for corrective action.

Education and Training: Sports Unbiased writers are held to a high standard of quality not traditionally seen in numbers driven sites. The lead editors at Sport Unbiased not only correct issues but strive to teach our writers through feedback and training. We believe as a media brand that it is our job to help cultivate the writers of tomorrow.

Teamwork: Sports Unbiased believes that quality writing outweighs quantity. As such we have been forming a “Dream Team” of quality, established up and coming journalists to meet that need. Teamwork is the key in such a dynamic environment. Writers work together on formulating ideas and articles while ownership is actively engaged on content decisions. Our writers are not inhibited but rather encouraged to work together to meet goals. SEO, editorial and other various teams exist to promote this idea.

Never Be Content: Sports Unbiased believes in forward thinking. We know that being content is the first step towards failure. To that end Sports Unbiased will continue to implement new features and increase user interaction. We will always remain focused on promoting and optimizing the exposure of our quality writers through a growing global presence.

Giving Back: Sports Unbiased understands what it means to give back. We believe that the foundation of a community is when the fortunate help those who are in need or help teach and nurture the next generation. With that in mind Sports Unbiased continues to give back through sponsoring, participating or organizing charity events throughout our local area.


Sports Unbiased Editorial Staff


Jr. Williams: Creator/Co-owner/Senior Editor:
email: jrwilliams@sportsunbiased.com

Jr. is co-creator and owner of the Unbiased Media Network which specializes in delivering rich unique content to the ever-growing internet and social media audience. As a web designer and IT specialists for over 10 years, Jr. shares his knowledge of CMS platforms and systems engineering integrated with sports and media. His media experience also includes television broadcast production and video editing. When Jr. isn’t sharing his knowledge and opinions as a NBA writer at SportUnbiased, he’s working hard on site design and features focused on improving user interaction. Jr. has a AA in Information Technology and BAS in Computer Information systems.


Sports Unbiased home base is Fort Walton Beach, FL