Top WWE Title Contenders 2013

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5. Seth Rollins:

In all honesty the WWE title hunt needs fresh blood. You can only throw John Cena in the ring with a Goliath-like athlete so many times before the story-line becomes stale to the WWE Universe. Rollins is exactly the fresh blood the title hunt needs. A former NXT Champion and currently one half of the tag team champions, Rollins high flying reckless abandon style of wrestling leaves fans mouths hanging wide open as they watch him decimate any superstar in his path. Not to mention the victims of his vicious attacks include The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena.

curtis axel

4. Curtis Axel:

It’s hard to ignore what this man has accomplished since becoming a Paul Heyman Guy. Although his wins didn’t come in the most decisive or cleanest fashion, Axel still holds victories over Triple H, Chris Jericho, Sin Cara, and even John Cena. With a victory at Payback and The Intercontinental Champion belt around his waist, there is no reason why a WWE title shot should not be in this man’s immediate future.


3. Sheamus:

It’s hard to believe that Sheamus last held title gold over eight months ago. Having him battle the likes of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes is only adding to this once great superstars diminishing star power in the WWE. Over the past few months Sheamus had battled the likes of Wade Barrett, The Shield, and even the Big Show. What’s to stop the Great White from laying John Cena out cold with one menacing Brogue Kick?

sheamus2. Big E. Langston:

The man has already mixed it up in the ring with the likes of Alberto Del Rio, even besting the Mexican Aristocrat on one occasion. Not to mention the fact that the behemoth laid John Cena out cold with one move in his debut. Langston’s pure size and power inside the ring are more than enough dominate the WWE and hold its most coveted title prize.

Wade Barrett1. Wade Barrett:

The former Intercontinental Champion may be on a downward streak after losing his coveted title to Curtis Axel, but the thrilling matches he has had with many superstars, including his 20 minute thriller with Sheamus on Main event, leave little doubt that this man can contend for the ultimate prize. His unpredictable set of moves leave opponents motionless on the mat, not to mention his finisher “The Bull Hammer Elbow”.


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