NFL Fantasy Football Projections 2013

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These are some players who are underrated and overrated fantasy players coming into the 2013 season.



Percy Harvin: Harvin is an incredible player, no doubt about it. The problem is many people rank Percy Harvin as a top 10 WR, which is too high. There are some pros of his move to Seattle, but also some Cons   that are very hard to overlook. Last year, Russell Wilson had a minimal 393 pass  attempts. This is incredibly low and makes it challenging for any wide receiver to succeed. My worry is that Harvin will not get enough targets to be successful. Also, Pete Carroll has already gone on record talking about how they aren’t going to change their game plan at all from last year (Run Heavy). To go along with that, a slight history of injury doesnt help anything. I still predict Harvin being a top-20 WR but not quite a top 10.


Chris Johnson: Going into this year, Johnson is in a completely different situation then last year. People were using first round draft picks last year to snag Johnson. Looking back, we know that wasn’t such a smart idea, but at the time it seemed logical. Any player who has run for 2,000 yards in a season is a special one. A lot has changed since then. The Titans signed Shonne Greene to a deal and plan to use him in goal-line situations and occasional 3rd downs. This lowers Johnson’s value quite a bit. He also didn’t perform as hoped for a majority of last season. He had his few great games, but some games were absolutely dreadful. With the addition of Greene and him slowing in production, Johnson can only be looked at as an average RB-2 now.


Joe Flacco: Flacco is a good quarterback in the NFL. The problem is, he isn’t a good Fantasy Quarterback. While he may have just led the ravens to a Superbowl and earned himself a nice contract, he doesn’t produce the statistics to help fantasy owners succeed. Last year, he threw for less than 4,000 yards and only 22 touchdowns with 10 interceptions. With Flacco losing his main target from last year Anquan Boldin, I cant imagine a scenario in which Flacco outdoes last season. In most fantasy leagues, Flacco should only be looked at as a bye-week fill in





Tony Romo: One of the most underrated players in Fantasy Football, Romo was the 8th ranked QB to finish up 2012. He threw for close to 5,000 yards with 29 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. People who go with the “wait on a quarterback approach” in fantasy drafts, can find a steal in Romo. Throwing to one of the most explosive players in the NFL, Dez Bryant, helps his statistics significantly. I expect Romo to improve on his TD- INT ratio next year. With Demarco Murray at full strength, the Cowboys can vastly improve their running game and take some pressure off Romo. While he probably wont end up as a top-5 QB, the odds he remains as a top-10 fantasy QB is high.


Dwayne Bowe: Many things have been changing for the Chiefs in the Off-season. Andy Reid was hired as the head coach and along with him comes his west coast offense, which emphasizes the pass more than the run. Also, the Chiefs signed Alex Smith, a big upgrade at QB. Bowe now has an incredible opportunity to post his best statistical season ever. Bowe has the potential to be a top-15 WR in this new system. Bowe is very confident in himself saying he would “Lead the league in receiving.” While that isn’t likely to happen, being among the leagues best isn’t to far-fetched.


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