Cleveland Browns: Four Reasons Starting Hoyer Was Right

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Johnny Manziel and his rebellious attitude landed where they deserve to be: the bench. Head coach Mike Pettine dubbed quarterback Brian Hoyer the starter.

Pettine made the correct choice; Hoyer is the quarterback that can lead the Cleveland Browns and their haunted franchise to success when compared to the other quarterbacks — like Manziel — that are on the roster. Manziel isn’t ready to start in the NFL; he may never be. He’s far too immature, with a boisterous ego plaguing everything around him.

Many Cleveland fans may be distraught, but Hoyer isn’t a bad choice. In fact, he will do well for Cleveland.

Here are four reasons why deeming Hoyer the starter over Manziel was the right choice:

1. Experience: Hoyer is a seasoned veteran, having experience with teams such as the New England Patriots, where he certainly absorbed helpful knowledge from coach Bill Belichick and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. He’s a smart quarterback, showing ability to make proper reads when needed to. Hoyer started last season for Cleveland, experiencing thrilling success. He’s more accustomed to the NFL and its harsh defenses than Manziel and his rookie ways are.

2. Attitude, Attitude, Attitude: Of course physical gifts encourage a quarterback’s success tremendously, but most of it comes from what occurs between the ears: the thought process; the maturity. Hoyer is the maturer quarterback. He doesn’t have the wild attitude. He’s not insulting opposing benches with his perked up middle finger. He’s relaxed, well-composed, and humble. He has the attitude that’ll guide his teammates, compelling them to play beside him. Manziel, on the other hand, has an attitude that’ll make veterans in an NFL locker room cringe. He’s very conceited, making him his own worst enemy. Without an improved attitude, he will fail miserably. Hoyer would be easier to coach; Manziel is troubled, needing much work.

3. Last Season: Watching last season, who wouldn’t want to give Hoyer another shot to lead the men in brown? He played impressively, showing the ability to be a true playmaker. In the three games he started, Cleveland won. How can a guy who shipped a team to a three-game winning streak not be granted an opportunity? He’s deserving of this opportunity. He showed poise in the pocket, exceptional decision-making, and kept plays alive when they seemed to be falling apart. Cleveland’s offense experienced wonderful rhythm with Hoyer behind center; that should continue.

4. Size: Hoyer has a better physique and build than Manziel, holding two more inches than him. That may not seem like a mammoth difference, but in the NFL for a quarterback, height is crucial. Manziel is short, which conflicts his ability to scan the field as properly as Hoyer can.

Manziel is an exciting player; his attitude and ego are not. Manziel still has the same, cocky college attitude which will fail him in the pros. If he doesn’t clean himself up, his position will not change. Hoyer proved to be the more poised player, carrying himself in a professional manner. Teams need a leader, not a childish player with selfish ways. Pettine made it interesting having an open challenge, though he probably knew Hoyer was the correct choice from the start.

Whatever the case was, Hoyer is the starter.

That’s the first good move the Browns’ franchise has made in a long time.

Did the Browns make the right choice in starting Hoyer over Manziel?

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