2014 Fantasy Football: Top 5 Quarterbacks

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nfl-logo In the world of fantasy football, you can find a great quarterback like Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Matt Ryan, and many others later in the draft and still get the points you need to succeed. Still, some fantasy owners believe the key to success is to find that elite quarterback that will lead their team to a fantasy crown in the first or second round. However, a quarterback worth such a high draft choice is rare; still there are at least five worthy of this honor.

1) Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

38-year-old Peyton Manning must be drinking from the fountain of youth, as he gave us yet another record-breaking year in 2013, throwing 55 touchdowns and passing for 5,477 yards. Quite frankly, Manning has been a wizard during the regular season for pretty much his whole career, which shows in all the regular season records he has broken and his career average of 22.8 fantasy points a game. With play-maker Demaryius Thomas, red zone threat Julius Thomas, grizzled veteran Wes Welker, and newly acquired speedster Emmanuel Sanders as his arsenal of weapons, Manning should reign supreme once again and have fantasy owners very happy.

Projected Stats: 44 Total Touchdowns 15 Total Turnovers, 4,850 Passing Yards,33 Rushing Yards

2) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints


Greg Trott/Associated Press

Greg Trott/Associated Press

It’s pretty clear that no matter who Drew Brees throws to he’s going to rack up fantasy points, as he has been a steady producer passing for at least 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns for the last six years. It also helps that his main target tight end Jimmy Graham put his contract dispute behind him after signing a long-term deal, thus making sure Brees has his greatest asset on the field with him. When a quarterback brings you an average of over 25 fantasy points a game for the last three seasons like Brees, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be one of the top three quarterbacks in fantasy football.

Projected Stats: 39 Total Touchdowns, 21 Total Turnovers, 4,900 Passing Yards, 42 Rushing Yards

3) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

People fear an increased workload from running back Eddie Lacy will affect Aaron Rodgers fantasy stats, which might be true to a certain extent, still that shouldn’t thwart Rodgers chances of being a top five quarterback this season. I mean really, how is a quarterback like Rodgers, who has finished the season ranked first or second in fantasy points since 2009 (expect for last season because of injuries) going to be considered lesser, when having a reliable running back really makes him more lethal? Especially with Rodgers great faction of receivers: the jack-of-all-trades Randall Cobb, the highly underrated Jordy Nelson, the budding Jarrett Boykin, and the newcomer Davante Adams. So be warned not to question how Rodgers piles up the stat sheet now that he has a bruising back behind him. Just believe in him.

Projected Stats: 35 Total Touchdowns, 13 Total Turnovers, 4,300 Passing Yards, 221 Rushing Yards, 

4) Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Now a year removed from surgery, RG3 should be healthy enough to do all the things he needs to be productive, whereas last season hindered by not being completely healthy, he couldn’t do everything he wanted to. Also, adding a wide receiver that has break-away speed, like DeSean Jackson who totaled 82 receptions, 1,332 receiving yards and nine touchdowns, only helps Griffin’s cause for a stellar year. Especially with “Action Jackson” joining Pierre Garcon who had a career high season in 2013 grabbing up 113 receptions,1,346 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. These two receivers and tight end Jordan Reed who looked promising last season, gives Griffin a band of pass catchers that can help him redeem himself. Lastly, let’s not forget about the biggest addition brought in to help guide RG3, new head coach Jay Gruden, who was the heartbeat for the Bengals offensive since 2011 and a key reason Cincinnati clinched the playoffs the last three years. So it probably won’t be a wise decision  to pass up the opportunity to draft RG3 in this year’s fantasy draft.

Projected Stats: 33 Total Touchdowns, 22 Total Turnovers, 3,500 Passing Yards, 520 Rushing Yards, 

5) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Yes, Cam Newton is going into the season still recovering from ankle surgery, and yes, he has a completely new crop of receivers to get accustom to, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a top five fantasy quarterback. First in foremost, how much of a downgrade are his receivers really? Besides the aging Steve Smith, none of his pass catchers were reliable on a week-to-week basis, so the change in guard at receiver could benefit Newton instead of deter him ( like most think ). Secondly, Newton might be less productive at the beginning of the season running the ball because of his ankle; however, he will come around eventually and still be able to punch in a goal line touchdown while still recovering. Finally, just look at the stats since coming into the league in 2011 Newton has been a top five fantasy quarterback, so go head and pass on him and regret it when he burns you during your season.

 Projected Stats: 30 Total Touchdowns, 18 Total Turnovers, 3,400 Passing yards, 550 Rushing Yards,

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