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Dan Marino to Miami?

For years there has been speculation surrounding Dan Marino retuning to the Miami Dolphins to fill a prominent role within the organization. Well that is now a better possibility now that he is out of a job. Earlier today CBS released a statement that Marino and fellow analyst Shannon Sharpe are out.

“While we welcome Tony (Gonzalez), we want to acknowledge Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe who have contributed greatly to the success of The NFL Today for more than a decade. Dan and Shannon are true Hall of Famers on the field and in front of the camera. As they pursue other professional opportunities, we thank them for their hard work and dedication and wish them nothing but the best.” (cbssports.com)

Credit to www.nndb.com

Credit to www.nndb.com

The reasoning for Marino’s departure is that CBS has been trailing its competitors at FOX. This is due to their pre game show becoming “stale”. Most sports shows at this point are very cookie cutter and stale, but they are just trying to compete with ESPN. Regardless of the reasoning, Marino was shown the door and looking for new employment.

Dolphins fans might assume that he is a lock to be fit into an organization that has been a hot mess lately, but that may not be true. Marino was a part of the front office in 2004 as the Senior Vice President of Football Operations, but departed three weeks later saying it was not in his family’s or the Miami Dolphins’ best interest to be there at that time. That was 10 years ago, and the Dolphins didn’t have as many intriguing talents as they have right now.

Two years ago the Dolphins had talks with Marino about joining the club in some capacity. Marino never closed the door on that offer so there will most likely be some conversation between the Dolphins and Marino. Even though the Dolphins didn’t close the door on Marino, they never pursued him either. So the speculation needs to include the possibility that at this time the Dolphins aren’t interested in having him.

“But look what Elway did in Denver!” the fans will cry. This is true, but Elway has had more time in personnel than Marino. Elway became the co-owner of the Colorado Crush, an Arena Football League team. Even though this isn’t the same level of talent evaluation as the NFL, he got some practice and learned how to scout players at each position. Marino currently has no scouting experience.

Credit to Lynne Sladky / AP

Credit to Lynne Sladky / AP

On the other hand this could be the perfect time for Marino to join the Dolphins. The Dolphins just hired a new general manager in Dennis Hickey, and Hickey will begin his maturation into full-time general manager now. Bringing in Marino now would allow Hickey, who has a past in scouting, to continue growing into his role so he and Marino could develop together and be on the same page. Marino’s timely firing provides a unique opportunity for the Dolphins to consider.

Hickey will speak as the Dolphins general manager for the first time at the Combine this week. Maybe we will get some insight on Marino and the Dolphins there.

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