NFL Draft 2014: Where Does Johnny Manziel Go?

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Johnny Manziel declared for the draft just a few weeks ago, as we all saw coming. So what’s next for the college superstar?  Who drafts him?  Does he start?  How well does he do?

All questions he has to answer in his first season, being the first freshman to win the Heisman, and then all of his off the field activities that followed close after; it will be hard to shake that rep in the NFL, especially if he tanks.  So where would be the best fit for this young, wild star?

As of right now he is projected to go fourth overall to the Cleveland Browns, but that would be a terrible situation for both Johnny and the Browns.  The Browns are so far out of contention that Manziel would try to leave town as soon as he could, because we have seen that Johnny likes to be the star in a big town market.  The Oakland Raiders are another team that seems to be in talks with the young phenom.  Oakland would be a better fit, but they have a running quarterback right now in Terrelle Pryor, granted he isn’t as good as Manziel, but he plays in a similar style, so I don’t think this would work out. Plus, Oakland isn’t that large town market that Manziel wants to play for.

The last team being thrown around often is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Gabbert experiment is over, and they are now looking for that future quarterback.  The mock drafts have them taking Blake Bortles of UCF, but it wouldn’t shock me if they took a chance on Manziel.  This team would make the most since for Manziel’s personality, being in Florida with all the famous people and athletes that live down there, a.k.a. LeBron James, but talent wise he would never blossom into a star player.  In fact if he was to go to the Jags, he might not even be a starter by his fourth year in the league.  The Jaguars just have a way to ruin quarterbacks, and it could happen to Manziel.  These are all the teams that are mentioned when talking about Manziel, but what would be the best fit for him?

If Manziel wants to be a big star in the league, and be a celebrity he needs to go to New York or Dallas.  Starting with New York, the Jets are just a terrible quarterback team, but they have a coach in Rex Ryan that will allow Manziel to do whatever he wants with the offense because they have no other key stars on the team.  Plus he is in the big city of New York.  All the lights and cameras, Johnny would be in love with the city.  That’s the problem with the Jets, he would hate the team, but love the city, but the Jets are still better than the Browns, Jaguars, or Raiders.

The other New York team would be the Giants, but there is no way that one would work out.  Starting with Eli, even though he had a horrid season, he is still a two-time Super Bowl champion and Coach Coughlin would never hand over the keys of his offense to a young hot shot who runs around with the ball.  Coughlin likes a drop back passer, like Eli, to run his offense.  So if Manziel wants to play in New York, the Jets will be the place.

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The final team makes the best sense for both team and player.  The Dallas Cowboys.  Yes, the Dallas Cowboys.  Manziel is a Texas boy, so staying close to home would be great for him and we all know how much limelight the starting quarterback for the Cowboys get.  Manziel would thrive in that short of spot.

Even though the Cowboys have come out and said they’re sticking with Romo, Manziel would have a chance at the starting gig.  Jerry Jones would love a high profile player like Manziel, with his improv plays, and ways he turns broken plays into big yardage gains.  Jones would foam at the mouth with a chance like this.  And the offense would actually get better, you know why?  Because they would run the ball more.  They could adapt the college style read option with Manziel and Murray, something Romo could never bring to the table.  Imagine the Manziel Bryant combination that could blossom.  Both players being very emotional about the game, the potential could be endless.

This would be the best option for both the player and team, but the Cowboys would have to give up a lot to trade up and get Manziel and I don’t think that Jerry would do that.  It’s a great idea that the Cowboys should look at, but will they?  We will have to wait and find out.

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