Phil Simms Bags on Matthew Stafford for Wearing Hat Backwards

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Phil Simms believes Matthew Stafford's backward hat is a problem. (Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images)

Phil Simms believes Matthew Stafford’s backward hat is a problem. (Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images)

Super Bowl-winning quarterback and former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms, now commentator and analyst, has problems with things Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford does. Now-a-days who doesn’t? Stafford’s play has been hideous, though that’s not what’s gnawing at Simms, Stafford’s hat is.

Yes, Simms is taking a bolder route than critiquing Stafford’s play, feeling that the fifth-year quarterback is doing something condemnable by wearing his hat backwards. Simms stated:

“I don’t like to do this old-school stuff, but my starting quarterback, when he comes to the sideline, I don’t want his hat going on backwards,” Simms said, voice rising. “What are you doing? It’s unbelievable – drives me crazy.”

He implies that it has to do with maturity, too:

“When you’re a quarterback in the NFL, if you’re 25, the key to success is to act like you’re 35,” Simms said. “That’s what quarterbacking has turned into, and I think we all know that now. You’ve got to be mature beyond your age to make it because it’s big business and it’s rough.”

In his playing days, Simms was known to be quite the negative-Nancy, as a chunk of New York Giants’ fans wanted to run him elsewhere. Is he really trying to talk about maturity, basing his arguments off the way someone wears apparel? Would this even be a discussion in the slightest if this was during Stafford’s breakout 2011 season? So maturity is based off of the way one wears their hat? Stafford’s not mature when he constantly holds composure at press conferences after terrible games, refusing to throw anyone under the bus? Criticizing someone’s play is one thing, but to damn their apparel, treating it as if they’re flipping off fans and cussing out teammates is absurd.

Plenty of athletes do off-the-wall things — Stafford’s choice of hat-wearing isn’t — like successful baseball players who have weird rituals before games. Maybe they’re immature and unrespectable because professional adults shouldn’t have “child-like habits.” Simms’ comments shed light to one aspect — no, not that Stafford should change his hat — that Simms suffers from boredom, picking at something so ridiculous.

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