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The Bears Offense is Set for the Future

Photo Courtesy of Zach Krpan

Photo Courtesy of Zach Krpan

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, the Chicago Bears offense has reached new heights through not just stellar play from the offensive weapons, but the system of first year NFL head coach Marc Trestman. Known as a cerebral offensive mind and quarterback guru, Trestman is giving the Bears a look that many seasoned Chicago fans are simply just not used to. For so long this city’s calling card was a ball hawking defense, predicated on taking the ball away and scoring defensively. As Lovie always said “our defense is an offense,” when really he should have said “is our offense.” Now  a new era in Chicago has begun, and Bears fans have a lot to be happy about.

Even with a defense that couldn’t stop Brandon Jacobs from rushing over 100 yards, there is reason for optimism for this teams future. The offense is finally capable and has a whole host of weapons that can contend with top tier NFL offenses. Trestman has introduced a system that is quarterback friendly and allows play makers to get the ball in their hands. Mike Tice was a disaster of a one trick pony. The recipe was Cutler to Marshall, and that was about it. Under Trestman the Bears have three players already over 1000 yards for the season, with two contests still to go.  Forte is utilized as a pass catcher out of the backfield, Jeffries and Marshall are causing all kinds of match up nightmares, and Martellus Bennett has doubled the production of the Bears Tight End position. Its a complete polar opposite from last year and indeed Bears history.

Phil Emery went through an exhaustive search of candidates and finally settled on Trestman.  Although Trestman bounced around the NFL and spent time in the CFL winning two Grey Cups, he has proven that he knows offensive football. All one really has to do is look at the growth from Tice to Trestman to truly appreciate his knowledge of the game. This system has benefited every single component of the offense. It seems as if it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. Cutler and McCown have both put up career numbers, and have found a great balance in the rushing attack and through the air. The line play, even with two rookies on the right side, has been far superior to last years group. Receivers are getting the benefit of some unique play calls, and it seems as if it’s becoming a well oiled machine

Trestman is not flawless though. There have been moments of brilliance followed by a few head scratchers. For instance, last weeks match up against the Vikings in which Trestman called a field goal on second down on the 47 yard line. I understand his thinking;  and to be honest, Gould should have made that kick. However, in the first half of the year Trestman was much more aggressive at going for it and trusting his offense. Trestman needs to trust his guys to get things done, and that move showed that his faith may have dwindled after the offense struggled on short yardage plays the week before.

This is the best the Bears offense has ever looked and with Trestman’s system, the Bears have a high ceiling. The future looks incredible for this new “ Monsters of the Midway” look. Regardless of who the signal caller is next year whether it be a draft choice, Cutler, or even McCown, Trestman has set them up for success. He knows offense and if the Bears can fix the defensive woes, there is no reason the Bears couldn’t dominate the NFC North for years to come.

Zach Krpan

About the Author: Zach Krpan

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