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NFL: Coaches on the Hot Seat

After the Texans’ 11th straight loss Gary Kubiak had the pleasure of being the first head coach fired this season. Now we all know he won’t be the last, as there are many coaches sitting on the hot seat at this very moment. So let’s dig a little deeper and see which coaches are burning their buns and if they have any chance at cooling them off.

Benny Sieu, USA TODAY

Benny Sieu, USA TODAY

Mike Shanahan:  It started in last year’s playoff game, when RG3 tore his knee up and some critics blamed Shanahan for letting the rookie quarterback comeback too early from his previous injury he sustained a couple weeks earlier. The drama hasn’t stopped since then, as the Redskins have been on a roller coaster ride of disappointment all season, with rumors abound that there is a rift between Coach Shanahan and his star quarterback RG3.

We all know that when problems happen between a coach and a young promising quarterback, the owner usually sides with the player. It’s certainly not helping Shanahan that in his time with Washington he has had an unimpressive record of 24-38. If one firing seems inevitable it’s this one, which was pretty clear in how spent Shanahan looked after Washington got blasted by the Chiefs last Sunday. Nevertheless, Shanahan has put RG3 on the shelve for the rest of the season, which to me is a desperation move to show Redskins owner Dan Snyder that he can win with Kirk Cousins, but I think it’s a little to late to save his job. Chances of being fired: 99%

Leslie Frazier:  Ever since Leslie Frazier has taken over for the Vikings he has yet to develop a quarterback that can complement Adrian Peterson. The Vikings reached for Christian Ponder in 2011, then after realizing that gamble wasn’t working, they paid Josh Freeman three million to only start one game and stink up the joint. No matter if it’s the front office or the head coach’s fault for the quarterback struggles, the blame usually falls on the coach.

Now Frazier did have success last season, directing the team to a 10-6 record, as “A.P” carried the team on his back for a magical ride. Still,overall Frazier has a career record of 19-31-1. Also, when you look back at previous Vikings head coaches,you find out that what you did last year doesn’t matter, as Dennis Green, Mike Tice, and Brad Childress were all fired after having success the previous season. Because of this I think it would be a huge surprise if Frazier is walking the sidelines for Minnesota next season.  Chances of being fired: 85%

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Mike Munchak: Things looked promising at the beginning of the season as the Titans started 3-1 with quarterback Jake Locker finally showing promise.  Everything went downhill when Locker was injured for the season, since then Tennessee has only been able to muster two wins. Also, you have to wonder if new man in charge Tommy Smith will take in account the late owner Bud Adams’ comments at the beginning of season when he said that he would be really unhappy if the team doesn’t have success after the money  spent in free agency last off-season.

Another thing not going in favor of Munchak is that the Titans record has declined every year since he’s been head coach, going 9-7 in 2011, then 6-10 last year, and as of now 5-8 this season. Still with only one year left on his contract, Munchak might get another chance to show what he can do with Locker, after looking good together to start the season. Then again he did seem to dodge a bullet last season, but with Bud Adams not making the decision this year, it’s still up in the air on how this will turnout.  Chances of being fired: 60%

Greg Schiano: The Buccaneers started the season 0-8 and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before Greg Schiano would be given his walking papers. Since then Tampa Bay has won four out of the last five games, which has kept Schiano on the sidelines at least for now. Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has shown promise with his 15 touchdown passes while completing 60.6 percent of his passes since becoming the starter. Because of this and the improvements on defense, which has held the last two opponents to six points; Schiano just might survive for another season. Although, he still has to keep churning up wins for the next three weeks if he wants to have any chance returning next season. Chances of being fired: 50%

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Rex Ryan: You have to give Rex Ryan credit most critics (myself included) had him walking the plank when the season started. Instead, Ryan has the defense playing resilient again while keeping the team in playoff contention thus far. However, the offense is holding this team back as rookie Geno Smith was clearly thrown into the fire way to soon.

While Geno’s pass catchers are nothing to boast about, and even though their still alive in the playoff race the chances are slim as they sit 6-7.With the offense ranking 30th the past two seasons it has been a dark cloud over Ryan, with awful play from quarterbacks Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez being the key suspects. Because of this the question has still not been answered if Ryan will be back for another year with the Gang Green. Chances of being fired:  If Jets make playoffs 0%, if they miss playoffs 50%.


Jason Garrett:  Owner Jerry Jones has already announced that Jason Garrett will be back next season; then again if the Cowboys collapse for a third straight year and miss the playoffs you have to wonder if Jones will change his mind. You also have to take in to account that with a team full of talented players Garrett has yet to guide them to the playoffs in all three of his full seasons at the helm. Through the last three seasons the blame has fallen on the both sides of the ball.  In my opinion the main problem is the Cowboys can’t stay consistent, as one week they look unstoppable and then the next week dreadful. Playing this way means the coach is not keeping the team in chec which is why I won’t be shock if another December collapse costs Garrett his job no matter what Jerry Jones is saying to the media now. Chances of being fired:  If Cowboys make the playoffs 0%, if they miss playoffs 60%.

Paul Sancya/ AP

Paul Sancya/ AP


Jim Schwartz: As of right now the Lions sit tied for first in NFC North, in spite of this they have handed the ball to the opposing team way to much with their 27 turnovers. Because of the Lions tendency to give the ball up on a silver platter, they have let the Packers and Bears stay alive in the division, instead of seizing the opportunity and taking control of the division.

A big problem the Lions have under Jim Schwartz is discipline, which is the main reason Detroit has been at least third in defensive penalties since 2010 (233 defensive penalties since 2010 Now if the Lions hold it together and win the division Schwartz will be in the clear. However, if Detroit drops the ball and doesn’t win the division and make the playoffs, Schwartz and his record of 29-47 probably won’t stand a chance at coming back.  Chance of being fired: If Lions make the playoffs 0%, if they miss the playoffs 80%.

Tom Coughlin: Winning two Lombardi trophies in his time with the Giants has some saying Tom Coughlin deserves a pass on the Giants down rotten season. On the other hand ,this is the NFL where owners care more about the future than they do the past. You also have to question the decline in the Giants pass rush, as they ranked third in 2011 with 48 sacks, but now rank 31st with a measly 25.

Also the once solid offensive line that only allowed 20 sacks last season has thus far gave up 33, which has been be a key reason Eli Manning’s interception percentage has risen 60 percent higher than last year. Furthermore, besides their Super Bowl runs in 2007 and 2011, the Giants have missed the playoffs every year since 2007. Now I don’t think Coughlin is going anywhere, but you have to wonder if it’s time to change who roams the sidelines for the G-men? Chances of being fired: 10%

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