Madden NFL 14 Cover Vote – Part 2

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Colin Kaepernick and Russel Wilson- Madden NFL 2014

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Part 2 of our Madden NFL 14 cover vote takes us deeper into the NFL Season leading up to the Super Bowl game. Thanks to enormous feedback and comments we received from part 1, I found it necessary to deliver an updated poll complete with additional players who have performed at the ultimate level in the regular season and during the playoffs. Here we go!


1. Colin Kaepernick (QB) 49ers:

After taking over for the injured Alex Smith earlier in the season, the Wisconsin kid made his presence felt throughout the season. During the NFL playoffs against Green Bay, Kaepernick set a NFL playoff quarterback rushing record, running the ball for 163 yards, breaking Micheal Vick’s previous record of 119 yards. Kaepernick lead his team to his first Super Bowl appearance and has certainly became a household name.


2. Ray Lewis (LB) Ravens:

He already appeared on the cover of Madden NFL but you can’t deny that Lewis is the heart, soul,and voice of the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis returned from a season-ending triceps injury late in the season. Lewis is among one of the longest active players in the NFL, the 17-time Pro bowler and 7-time All-Pro first team, is currently playing in his 17th season as a NFL player, he has one Super Bowl ring under his belt and is now headed to his second career appearance to the Super Bowl.

 Up Next: Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco, and voting poll.

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  • Sue K

    Which Madden NFL Cover do you like the most? I like the one
    with Barry Sanders…because I voted! And I can’t wait to vote for Madden 15
    cover.. While waiting for this event, check and see if your favorite cover is
    on top 3 in this list. If not, vote for it and re-rank it!

  • Billie McCartney

    I think we all should keep it real and acknowledge the too greats that aren’t with the league any more Ravens Ray Lewis and the Bears Brian Urlacher the both of them. And anybuddy that plays Madden or likes the NFL should agree.

  • clinton anthony

    ray rice

  • Devon

    Andrew luck

  • Jack

    Vincent Brown!

  • Matt

    I think it should be Robert Griffen III

  • Hayden

    Adrian Peterson OR Cordelle Patterson

  • deereed80

    Pat Summerall