NFL Week 9 Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins

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Cincinnati Bengals

  • Record: 6-2
  • Offense Passing: 7th
  • Offense Rushing: 19th
  • Defense Passing: 11th
  • Defense Rushing: 9th

Miami Dolphins

  • Record: 3-4
  • Offense Passing: 18th
  • Offense Rushing: 23rd
  • Defense Passing: 19th
  • Defense Rushing: 19th

Keys to the Game

Cincinnati: The Bengals are on a four game win streak and look to keep it going when they hit Miami on Thursday night. The key to making it a five game win streak is going to be on Andy Dalton. Dalton looked sharp versus the Jets in week eight, but he faces another tough pass defense in Miami. Miami is going to bring pressure and Dalton has to get rid of the ball quickly without making mistakes. Look for him to hit A.J. Green and Marvin Jones (Dalton’s new favorite target). In addition, another key to winning the game is the Bengals defense stopping the run. Miami hasn’t been able to run successfully this year and has had to rely on second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill to make plays. If the Bengals can stop the run, they shouldn’t have a hard time stopping the one-dimensional Dolphins.

Miami: Miami’s season took a horrible turn. This was a team that started out 3-0 and looked like they would challenge the Patriots for an AFC East Championship. Well, those hopes are slipping away. However, if Miami can find a way to win this game they are right back in the race. The key to Miami winning this is finding a running game. This hasn’t come easy and like I said before, Miami is relying on Tannehill to make all the plays. Without a rushing attack the Dolphins won’t win this game. In addition, the defense needs to find a way to stop three players, Giovani Bernard, A.J. Green and Marvin Jones. These three players are the key to the Bengals offense and if Miami can stop them, this game might be a close one.

What to Watch for

Cincinnati: For those fantasy football players out there, many will be watching Marvin Jones. Jones had eight receptions (eight targets) 122 yards and four touchdowns versus the New York Jets. Jones really has helped Dalton out and I think the chemistry is finally there between these two. Watch for Jones to have a big day since Miami will be focused more on the star studded A.J. Green.

Miami: Charles Clay is who I am watching in this game. For those of you who don’t know Clay is the Dolphins Tight End, however, he looked like a wide receiver. With Brandon Gibson most likely out for the rest of the season, someone will need to pick up receptions. I look for Clay to be that guy and step up during the Thursday night game. Look for him to be a major target when the Dolphins get into the red zone.


Miami needs to make a statement, to let everyone know that the first three games were not a fluke. And the Bengals are looking to continue their win streak and pull away from the rest of the AFC North. However, I just think the Bengals are too good right now for Miami, I am hoping this isn’t a one-sided game and Miami actually shows up to play football.

Final Score: Cincinnati 35 Miami 24

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