A Message to the Buffalo Bills Organization

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Image Courtesy of Bickering Bills Fans

I have been a Buffalo Bills fans since the day I was born. I grew up watching the Bills during the “glory days” with star players like Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith just to name a few. Even as a kid I didn’t need any adult to tell me how talented that team was. Unfortunately Bills fans are still talking about the “glory days” and can you blame them? For at least 15 years, fans have had nothing good to cheer about, well maybe the 1999 AFC wildcard game but come on, Buffalo failed to win because they forgot about basic pee wee football knowledge. Everyone who has played or still plays football knows, you stay in your lanes during a kickoff.

However, this team just lacks the excitement that the 90s team did. No matter what the score was back then, fans and players always had hope. Don’t get me wrong, I know that every team goes through a rebuilding phase. They have to get rid of their good veterans to bring in young talent. This makes perfect sense to me but Buffalo shouldn’t still be rebuilding from the 90s, should they? After seeing seven coaches since the great Marv Levy era, come through and fail at rebuilding, I ask myself when will the torture end and when will this organization give fans some hope?

Every August I do it to myself, I get all fired up about Buffalo Bills football. I go out and order some new Bills gear and buy tickets to the home opener. I brag up the Bills and how good they are going to be to all my friends and co-workers. I say things like “this year you will see they have changed or we have a new quarterback they say he might be the next Jim Kelly.”  But when its all said and done, I always end up looking like a fool.

As I think about a more recent experience, which was probably the worst I have ever felt about Buffalo Bills football. I was wearing some Bills attire and the next door neighbor’s kid spotted me. He is only seven years old but he asked a question that shocked me. He asked, “When’s the last time the Bills made the playoffs?” He followed it up with a laugh and ran off with the other neighbor kids. Now I don’t know who his favorite NFL team is and frankly it doesn’t matter, he was right. At the age of seven years old, this kid knew that the Bills franchise is flat out awful and has been for years.

Now this seven year old didn’t have to point this out to me. I already knew the Bills were a bad franchise and things have been bad since we lost four Super Bowls in a row, but something made me keep thinking about this kid’s comment. I kept thinking does the organization want to change and if so, when is the breaking point? And now I am asking you, the Buffalo Bills organization, when will you eventually say enough is enough, when will someone step up and say this year is going to be the year we return to glory and actually mean it?

Take the Miami Dolphins.  They went out this season and helped their 2nd quarterback by spending a ton of money to upgrade and keep their wide receivers. The Dolphins showed the ability to invest in their franchise, unfortunately Buffalo doesn’t invest like that. The Bills try to bring in one big name player in hopes that he can change the team, well that’s not going to be enough.

There has to be someone in the Bills front office who wants change right? Someone to grab the bull by the horns and say enough is enough. Whether that means it’s time to change the whole organization from top to bottom or start investing some money back into the team. I am talking either trading away the big name guys and stock piling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round draft picks to get younger, talented, and hungry players. Or, invest in the team and bring in some veterans to help a horrible secondary or help Stevie Johnson and EJ Manuel. Now don’t take my words out of perceptive, there are some players that the Bills have that are stepping up and performing well. I am just asking when will you, the Bills Organization, fully commit to changing the team for the better?

I know every fan has said it, “make me GM or coach for the day I would change that place.” I certainly wish I could just be involved for a day because I would make some serious changes, but I know such an opportunity probably won’t happen. So what now?  I am fan and a loyal fan at that, I even made my fiancee a Bills fan. Actually I think she yells at the TV more than I do because I just expect bad things to happen, I guess she will learn eventually.

But in all honesty, what’s it going to take for the organization to change for the better? No matter what, I will still be a loyal fan until the day I die, but I ask the you, please make change. Change for players that have stuck around, change for all the fans who purchase merchandise each year, change for the crazy season ticket holders, change for Bills Mafia, change for all those who just followed through with #InvadeCleveland, change for the family who spent hundreds of dollars just so their kids can see a NFL football game, and change for the fans who can’t make the game but still root for them every week. I believe I speak for all Buffalo Bills fans, just change – we don’t care how it happens but get us back to the good days of the AFC East Championships, Playoffs, and most important, Super Bowls.

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