NFL Week 4 Preview – Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints

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Miami Dolphins

  • Record: 3-0
  • Offensive Rank (Total Yards): 26th
  • Defensive Rank (Total Yards): 22nd

New Orleans Saints

  • Record: 3-0
  • Offensive Rank (Total Yards): 6th
  • Defensive Rank (Total Yards): 4th

Keys to the Game

Miami –

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  1. Get Pressure on Brees
  2. Better Blocking From the Offensive Line
  3. Time of Possession

You can’t expect to win against the Saints if you let Drew Brees sit in the pocket all day. Cam Wake was banged up last week for the Dolphins, but rookie Dion Jordan did a nice job of putting pressure on Matt Ryan. Wake may be used as a situational player this week, but any help getting pressure on Brees is better than nothing.

The blocking from the Dolphins line thus far has not been up to snuff. It isn’t even Jonathan Martin like everyone expected. Martin has played well, but just the group as a whole isn’t playing as well as they can. It would be nice to see the running game get going this weekend and see Tannehill on his feet more than he has been.

The best way to beat the Saints is to sustain long scoring drives. The longer you keep Brees on the sideline the better off your team will be. The Dolphins need to limit the Saints drive opportunities this week in order to leave the Superdome with a win.

Saints –

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  1. Three-and-Outs on Defense
  2. Pick On Nolan Carroll
  3. Pressure Tannehill

The Saints need their offense on the field for them to win. If Miami starts stringing long drives together all night long the Saints will not have a good night. Three-and-Outs will give the Saints offense more drives which for them means more points.

Nolan Carroll will be starting in place of Dimitri Paterson this week. Carroll isn’t great, but he also isn’t awful. With this being said, he’s better to throw at than Brent Grimes. Brees can pick on Carroll all night because the Dolphins don’t switch their corners.

Miami has been a passing team through the first three weeks. This shows the maturation of Ryan Tannehill, but he isn’t the quarterback like Brees who can throw the ball all night without help from the running game. Cameron Jordan and Co. need to get pressure on Tannehill and Miami’s offensive line.

Prediction: Miami 27 New Orleans 31

I want to pick Miami to win this one, but the Saints offense is too good. The Dolphins would need one of their rookie corners, Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, to step up and have a huge game stopping Brees to pull off the win. Who knows, maybe Dion Jordan will have a coming out and make it a rough day for Brees. I just don’t see the Dolphins breaking the thirty point mark this weekend and that’s what it takes to beat the 2013 Saints.

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