2013 NFL Week 3 Marquee Matchups: Game Analysis, Odds and Picks

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Marquee MatchupsWhich teams will win this week’s key matchups? Which team is the favorite to add to their win total this week? Which team will go into hostile territory and steal a victory? We all want to know for a variety of reasons. For some it is the love of the game, others are looking at the Morning Line and still others want to dominate their office pool. Regardless of the reason, we all want to know. Sports Unbiased understands what you want and with that in mind we have created this in depth analysis series.

Each week Sports Unbiased will be breaking down the top four or five games of the week including Monday Night Football. A small group of the Sports Unbiased family will be weighing on each chosen game. You will hear a breakdown of why each team was chosen and even what the final score might be. If it is a game worth watching on the national stage you can bet Sports Unbiased will be breaking it down right here. We believe in information, we believe in creating informed decisions and most importantly we believe in you, the reader. You asked for it and here it is so without further adieu here are the marquee matchups for week three and what our crack staff of NFL writers are predicting based on analysis.

The writers taking part are:  Mike Santangelo, Josh Madas, “Coach” Mike Fabber, John Yeomans, and Chris Pagliuca.

This weeks games are:

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

Green Bay Packers at Cincinatti Bengals

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos



 Game 1:

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers


San Francisco -10



Mike’s Analysis: The 49ers are going to feel like they have a lot to prove after last week’s trouncing at the hands of their division rival Seahawks. Both offensively and defensively they were dominated. So, the Colts can expect an angry team, at home, who will be looking to prove they are not the pushovers they were made to look like last week.Final Score: 49ers 31 Colts 17

Josh’s Analysis: This game is Andrew Luck’s chance to separate himself from the other quarterbacks in his draft class. A huge win over the heavy favorite 49ers would be a big boost for his career. I believe this will be a lot closer than people think. The Colts have not played well this season, but have all the potential to break out at any moment. The 49ers are bouncing back from a terrible loss against the Seahawks, so expect them to break out as well. It is going to be a close one, but I am taking San Francisco.Final Score: 49ers 35 Colts 28

Coach’s Analysis: This is a big bounce back game for both teams. Bad decisions and costly mistakes will equal tough losses most of the time in the NFL and last Sunday was no exception. The Colts new offense is nowhere near as explosive as last year and can Keapernick be more consistent week in week out. The 49ers defense will be too much for Colts to get going and Kaepernick will play with a vengeance.Final Score: 49ers 24 Colts 13

John’s Analysis: Andrew Luck travels to San Francisco to face off against his former college coach Jim Harbaugh with both their teams looking to come back after being defeated in week two. The Colts offensive line did nothing to help protect Andrew Luck last Sunday, and with linebacker Aldon Smith coming off the edge this week Luck will be running for his life once again. After the beat down they took against their rival Seahawks, expected Colin Kaepernick and the 49er offense to be ready to exploit the many holes in the Colts defense.Final Score: 49ers 34 Colts 17

Chris’ Analysis: I believe Andrew Luck will prove without question to be the best Quarterback in his draft class this year, but he probably won’t look like it this game against one of the best defenses in the 49ers. The offense and defense of the 49ers will shine and the Colts will continue to struggle against one of the NFL’s best.Final Score: 49ers 31 Colts 13

Up Next: Bears at Steelers, Packers at Bengals, Lions at Redskins, Raiders at Broncos

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