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NFL Fantasy Football Week 2 – Waiver Wire Pickups


So like everyone else that really cares about fantasy football, you are looking to make your line up even stronger. Maybe injuries or just a bad pick is causing your line up to look weak and if you lost week one, you can’t afford to lose week two. Each league should have a waiver wire where it determines the order in which one can pick up a free agent. This is the biggest day of the week for transactions to be made, so get on it.

Before I tell you who you should target early and often, let me explain how to do so. If you are going after a big name or big point-getter, which everyone in the league should be going after, you have to set your waiver priorities appropriately. If you know everyone will be going for this guy, you need to set him as your top priority. This means put the guy you most want or need at the top of your wish list. If you had a rotten week one you will most likely get first dibs on the guyk you put at the top.

These are just some of the names you can probably find in the free agent market that could help your team.

QB: Phillip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers who threw for four touchdowns versus the Houston Texans defense, which is supposed to be good. He might still throw some interceptions but it looks like that offense will throw a lot of touchdowns as well.

QB: Terrelle Pryor of the Oakland Raiders showed why he won the starting job this preseason. He scored 21 fantasy points and keep Oakland in the game for the whole contest. They even had a chance to win it late in the 4th quarter. The ability to run and pass will help him put up some fantasy points that might just be what you need for a bye week.

RB: Da’Rel Scott, who took over for fumble happy David Wilson of the New York Giants, might not have impressed us that night but he might get the chance to now. He came in late and still managed eight points this week, which beat out some big name backs. Scott might get more chances to show his worth so why not have him just in case.

RB: Jackie Battle always makes little splashes here and there during a NFL season. Week one was no exception when he scored eight points backing up Shonn Greene and Chris Johnson for the Tennessee Titans. This team really looks dedicated to the run and will give any of their backs a chance to carry it. He might not be a bad add for deep leagues, as well as a possible player if one of the other guys get hurt.

WR: Julian Edelman is a must pick up for any league. He plays for a little team named the New England Patriots, which has a pretty good QB named Tom Brady. Brady seems to like Edelman and looks for him in the red zone, which is huge for this offense. The injuries to the Patriot receiving core make Edelman a diamond in the rough this year and could be a double digit WR weekly.

WR: Leonard Hankerson of the Washington Redskins came out with a bang scoring 21 points in week one. He plays in an offense where they will pass the ball around and has a connection to RG3. He might not score 21 again but he should get close a couple times, great add.

TE: Julius Thomas was the greatest must play call of my life finishing with 24 points week one for the Denver Broncos. He is big, athletic and has great hands. You can’t guard all the weapons on that team and I imagine this will be the guy left open the most. A possible huge player for this position and has probably won the starting job for awhile with his week one performance.

TE: Kellen Winslow makes his comeback known as he gets 14 points for the New York Jets in their big win week one. He is a target that a young QB can trust and should be able to find space to catch the ball. Might be more of a match up player but could help your team win.

There are always gems in the free agent market you can find and remember we are here to help. Feel free to ask any questions you have and you can find me on twitter @coachf22 for all fantasy advice and tips. Good luck!

About the Author: Coach Mike Fabber

NBA and MLB contributor.