NFL Fantasy Football 2013/2014 PPR Draft Cheat Sheet – Final

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nfl-logoThis is the final version of the Definitive 2013 NFL Fantasy Football PPR Draft Cheat Sheet on the Internet. Click here for a downloadable pdf copy.  The previous version is posted here.

This Cheat Sheet is categorized by position (QB, RB, WR, TE, Defense / Special Teams, and K) and players will be ranked by projected points in a typical Points Per Reception (PPR) scoring system (1 point per 25 yds passing, 1 point per reception, 1 point per 10 yds rushing/receiving, etc.). Within each position, players are ranked in Tiers. There’s a small difference in the projection points between players within a Tier, but a significant projected difference between Tiers.

aaron-rodgersQuarterbacks (QB):

  • Tier 1: (Rodgers, Brees) are guaranteed studs.
  • QBs in Tier 2 are safe bets to be in the Top 6.
  • Tier 3 has QBs that have at least one concern, but are capable to be in the Top 5. Having at least one QB in Tiers 1 through 3 is “a must” to winning fantasy in 2013.
  • Tier 4 contains QBs that should all do well, but will most likely not be in the Top 5.
  • Tier 5 (Weedon, Manuel) have tremendous upside and are the last Tier I want on my fantasy team.
  • Tier 6 is the last tier of QBs worth owning in 2013.
Tier Rank Player Team Bye Rationale
1 1 Aaron Rodgers GB 4 108.0 QB Rating in 2012, has legs, up tempo at times, best WR/TE weapons in NFL
2 Drew Brees NO 7 Pass heaviest offense in NFL, up tempo at times, Sean Payton back
2 3 Peyton Manning DEN 9 5th in fantasy points in 2012 and added Welker, up tempo most times
4 Tom Brady NE 10 Brady/Belichick combo, up tempo at times, The best complete offense in NFL
5 Matthew Stafford DET 9 Led in Attempts in 2012, Has best WR in NFL, 2nd Pass heaviest offense
6 Matt Ryan ATL 6 Has best WR/TE/RB catching combo, 3rd Pass heaviest offense
3 7 Colin Kaepernick SF 9 West Coast Brady/Belichick combo with Harbaugh, Led in Yards-Per-Pass Attempt (8.3) in 2012, Run-first offense
8 Tony Romo DAL 11 Has one of the best WR/TE/RB catching combos, should improve with new playcaller
9 Andrew Luck IND 8 Should improve in 2nd year, New OC Pep Hamilton run-first offense
10 Cam Newton CAR 4 4th in fantasy points in 2012, concerned about new OC Shula’s offensive scheme
11 Robert Griffin III WAS 5 Insane Arm and Legs (when healthy), Knee recovery may affect aggressiveness early in season
4 12 Michael Vick PHI 12 New HC Kelly extremely up tempo offense, Will have designed run plays, He’s almost in Tier 3
13 Carson Palmer ARI 9 New HC Arians Pass Happy Offense, WR Weapons, Looked Stellar in Preseason
14 Jay Cutler CHI 8 New HC Trestman Pass Centric Offense, Shaky O-Line
15 Andy Dalton CIN 12 12th in fantasy points in 2012, Has more weapons and another year of experience
16 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 5 Concerned about OC Todd Haley’s offensive scheme, No more Mike Wallace
17 Russell Wilson SEA 12 Crazy talented, Dual-threat, Run first offense
18 Eli Manning NYG 9 Historically streaky, Consistently ends up putting up good season totals
5 19 Brandon Weeden CLE 10 New OC Norv Turner offense, Has best young WR/TE/RB catching combos
20 EJ Manuel BUF 12 New HC Marrone extremely up tempo offense, has legs, Rookie
6 21 Sam Bradford STL 11 Puzzling offensive passing scheme, Has young WR/TE weapons
22 Ryan Tannehill MIA 6 Shaky O-Line, Added Wallace and another year of experience
23 Joe Flacco BAL 8 No Boldin or Pitta, Has Rice and Torrey Smith
24 Matt Schaub HOU 8 Run-first offense, Low ceiling of passing statistics
25 Phillip Rivers SD 8 New OC Mike McCoy should ensure respectable 2013 season
26 Terrelle Pryor OAK 7 Should be Starter, Dual Threat
27 Geno Smith NYJ 10 Should be Week 1 starter, Dual Threat, Had up-and-down Preseason
28 Josh Freeman TB 5 Has stud RB and WRs, Continues to have accuracy and decision making issues

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