NFL 2013/2014 Predictions Part 3 – Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and the Super Bowl

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This is the third part of our NFL Predictions series for the 2013/2014 NFL season.  In Part 1 we predicted division winners, playoffs, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Awards.

In Part 2 we delved deeper into the best QB, the best RB and other questions.



In this, the final part of our NFL Predictions, we discuss the following questions:

Which coach will be the first one fired?

What team that made the playoffs in 2012/2013 will miss the playoffs this season?

Who will be the best WR in 2013/2014?

Which QB will “regress” the most:  Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, or Russell Wilson?

Which team will hoist the Lombardi trophy next February?

Will Adrian Peterson break the single-season rushing record and what will his total rushing yards be?

The writers were tasked with answering those six questions.  The writers taking part were:  Rich Stowe, Kimani Gregoire, Nate Gerst, Mike Santangelo, Brian Podoll, Mike Fabber, Mark Cebulski, Brooke Brown, Derek McVay, John Yeomans, Wesley Dotson, and John Mitchell.

Let’s jump in with the first question:


Which coach will be the first one fired?


Jason Garrett


Jason GarrettRich Stowe – This will finally be the season that Jerry Jones realizes that Jason Garrett isn’t a good head coach.  Over the last few seasons, he’s taken his play-calling duties away from him (that was supposedly why he hired him in the first place) so it’s just a matter of time before he’s fired.  Garrett’s constant mismanaging of games, especially the end of them will result in the Cowboys being under .500 and Jones will have enough.

Mike Santangelo – I think Jason Garrett will be the first coach fired this year. I know Jerry Jones has said over and over that he is “safe” for this season. Just the fact tat Jerry Jones feels the need to keep saying it means that he’s considering firing Garrett if things don’t go right. I think the Cowboys will have a mediocre to bad start, and Jones will make the move away from Garrett sooner rather than later.


Ron Rivera


Ron RiveraKimani Gregoire – The most popular choice might be Rex Ryan but I’m going to go with Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers. The team finished 7-9 last season thanks to a strong finish which was good for 2nd place in the NFC South. Team owner Jerry Richardson will be looking for the team to take the next step. Unfortunately I believe that they will finish last in their division this year behind Atlanta, New Orleans (with the return of their head coach Sean Payton), and Tampa Bay. Unlike Rex Ryan, whose fate will be played out like a soap opera all over the media, Rivera’s will be quick.

Mike Fabber – The team is talented, healthy, and deep. The owner expects a playoff berth but with a tough schedule and losing history I don’t see how they can turn it around fast enough. A 2-4 start could equal doom for this coach. He is on the hot seat!


Rex Ryan


Rex RyanNate Gerst – Rex Ryan will be the first coach fired. The last two seasons he has been running quite the circus in New York. He is already on the hot seat and with him having another QB controversy it looks like the fans and the management could get sick of it real quick this year.

Derek McVay – I think this is the end of the line for Rex Ryan. After back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in the beginning of his tenure, Ryan has failed to lead the Jets back to the playoffs. They will miss the playoffs again this year and fans will start to call for his head.

John Yeomans –  Rex Ryan is already holding on to the Jets job by a thread and it won’t be long until it snaps. After missing the playoffs the last two seasons, the cockiness Ryan once had is now gone. The issues at the quarterback will be the key factor in Ryan’s demise. Mark Sanchez just can’t cut it as a starter and Geno Smith needs time to develop; time Ryan doesn’t have. With the defense looking improved this might prolong the process before Ryan gets his pink slip, but it will eventually come before the season ends.

Wesley Dotson – The Jets (mainly Mark Sanchez) will continue to struggle in a division that will not be so lopsided this season. My bet is Ryan being let go by early November due to something like a 2-6 start.

John Mitchell – It’s shaping up to be another rough year for the Jets. Rex Ryan continues to trot Mark Sanchez out there, even though he has proven not to be a starting caliber quarterback in this league. They also wasted a second round draft pick on Geno Smith in a weak quarterback class a year before a good crop of signal callers come out in 2014. Couple all that with the fact that Ryan still sees the wildcat as a viable offense, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ryan get the ax before the season ends.


Jim Schwartz


Jim Schwartz

Brian Podoll – They lost their last eight games of the regular season in 2012 and have made a financial commitment to fragile QB Matthew Stafford, but it is how his teams reflect Schwartz’s erratic demeanor that may finally do him in. This is Schwartz’s fifth season in a Lions situation that was as bankrupt as the entire city is now. It required a radical turnaround, but he has only the 2011 season to hang his hat on.




Greg Schiano


Greg Schiano



Mark Cebulski – They’re getting impatient there. Josh Freeman should be carving people up. He’s too good of a talent.




Sports Unbiased consensus:  Rex Ryan appears to be the leader  to be the first coach fired in the upcoming NFL season.  Who do you think will be the first coach handing their walking papers?  Vote in the poll below.


Who will be the first NFL coach fired in the 2013/2014 season?

  • Rex Ryan (65%, 20 Votes)
  • Jason Garrett (16%, 5 Votes)
  • Ron Rivera (10%, 3 Votes)
  • Jim Schwartz (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Greg Schiano (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Other (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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