Fantasy Football: QB Buy or Sell

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We all know the household quarterbacks that come out each year and dominate the fantasy world, but what about the other ones? Those quarterbacks whose last names aren’t Brady or Manning. The quarterbacks who might have had a breakout season last year, but you find yourself asking can they do it again. Or the ones who had a bad 2012-13 season but look like they could breakout this year. Well it’s time we take a look at those quarterbacks and figure out if you should buy or sell.

Colin Kaepernick

falcons-kaepernick-eliteColin got his debut when 49ers’ starting QB Alex Smith got injured, and the 49ers never looked back. His first career start came against the Rams and Colin went an average 11 for 17 and passed for 117 yards. But what really made him stand out was his eight rushing attempts for 66 yards and a touchdown.

Colin brings a great element to the game with his ability to run. Yes, many fantasy football players hate rushing quarterbacks but Colin is smart and gets out bounds or slides before getting hit.  He also has a big body at 6’5’’ 230 lbs., he is able to take some hits and not get injured.

He finished the 2012-13 season with 1,814 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, three interceptions, 415 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns. Colin has complete control of the 49ers offense and I expect him to continue his success in the 2013-14 seasons. He is a big, accurate quarterback who has great awareness in the pocket. His first instinct is not to pull it down and run, but if he has to you will find yourself with some easy fantasy points.

Status: Buy

Russell Wilson

russell-wilson-eliteWilson was another rookie sensation last year. Many analysts said he was too small to be a legit quarterback in the NFL and Wilson proved many of those analysts wrong last season. He ended his rookie season with 3,118 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 10 interception, 489 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Those are pretty good numbers for a rookie in the NFL.

This season Seattle tried to bring in Percey Harvin to give Wilson a speedster, but right now Harvin is hurt and may miss most of this season. Without Harvin, I don’t know if Wilson will repeat his success from last season. Even though he played all 16 games, Wilson was among the bottom of the NFL when it came to passing yards in the regular season. And if fantasy owners want to rely on this rushing ability, I would think again. Yes this guy can move and he showed great ability to rush last season but unlike Kaepernick who is 6’4’’, Wilson is a mere 5’11’’ 205 lbs. and the concern for an injury is greater. I hope Wilson has another great campaign this season, but I don’t see him being a top-10 fantasy quarterback and maybe not even a top-15 quarterback.

Status: Sell

Ryan Tannehill

June Rivera/FlickrRyan Tannehill came from Texas A&M and had a very solid college career. In his first year of the NFL he was below average with a ton of interceptions and very few touchdowns but I think that is about to change.

Miami has invested some good money around him including Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, and kept all the wide receivers from last year. I am going out on a limb on this one and saying this guy has 27 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in his second year. Yeah those numbers aren’t great but it is something to build on.

Tannehill will be considered a backup fantasy quarterback because of he hasn’t proved anything yet in the NFL. But if he is going to breakout this might just be the year he shocks the NFL. With the talent the Dolphins have put around him I don’t see why this guy can’t succeed.

So far in two preseason games, one has been sloppy and the other is what the Dolphins are expecting from him. I see him as a top-15 fantasy quarterback. He won’t get you many rushing yards, but I look for him to put up some good passing statistics this year.

Status: Buy


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