NFL: Top QBs of All-Time

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Top QBs FeaturedThis week’s Writers’ Block tackles a subject that has a lot of debate.  Who is the greatest QB in NFL history?

The writers of Sports Unbiased were tasked with coming up with their top-5 NFL QBs of All-Time.  The criteria they used to determine this was up to them – did winning Super Bowls matter or was it all about the numbers?  No matter the criteria, the writers all voted and at the end 13 quarterbacks were listed.

The votes were tallied and the points counted (five points for a first place vote, four for second, down to one for first) and we ended up with the QBs being ranked 1 through 12 (there was one tie!).

The writers taking part this week were:  Rich Stowe, Brian Podoll, Jerome Gourdine, Derek McVay, Adam Solowiei, Kimani Gregoire, Wesley Dotson, Nate Gerst, Mike Santangelo, Sammie Wright, and a special guest appearance by Matt Strobl.

One QB was ranked on all the ballots, and there was a mix of “old school,” current, and ones you’ll remember from your youth.

At the end of the rankings, be sure to vote in the poll for your top-5 QBs of all-time and be sure to comment to let us know what we did right or wrong and anything else you may want to tell us.

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  • Jen

    I really wish (having just finished ranking my Top 5 NFL RB of all time) that I could have participated in this!! I think it’s a great list and the top 4 on there would have been in my top 5 absolutely and I would have gotten stuck on a fifth …. as a life long Dallas Cowboys fan I would have to have put Troy Aikman in the 5th spot so that he’d at least been on the list! I have an issue with Steve Young being among top without any mention of Aikman! Who was it again who beat Steve Young to the Super Bowl 3-4 times? Right, that was my man Aikman! But my bias aside (and there is a HUGE one when it comes to ANYTHING Troy related) I wouldn’t put Troy in my top 5 all time but had I been on the SU team for this poll he would’ve been on the list because he would have recieved a #5 vote from me! lol! 😀 Just sayin!

    • Jen

      One last quick thought that I was thinking as I looked at this one more time … Jim Kelly was great but Aikman beat him in two of those four Super Bowls, coming in his 4th and 5th NFL seasons, should seriously be on this list (yes, I have Aikman issues … can be a problem! Even tho he had the most dominant and large (avg. 320lbs at the time was a lot) offensive line in the 90’s he deserves credit for coming from losing all 11 games he started in 1989 to winning all three Super Bowls he led the Cowboys to! … see Aikman issues every which way, glad I dont have to write about football! lmao!)!

      • J.R. Williams

        I agree, Aikman should have been on the list, he was one of my All-time greats but I didn’t take part in this particular writers block :( .

        • OaklandAsSocksGirl

          Thank you for agreeing! I wish I was on the SU team but I was recruited to write just recently! Got to participate on the Top 5 Running Backs tho which was fun! I would have put him in my top 5, even tho realistically he is in the Top 10-15 all time (but he IS my favorite QB so my bias says Aikman deserved a vote!). He was better than Steve Young, besting him in 3-4 NFC Championships and beat Jim Kelly in the Super Bowl Twice!

          • J.R. Williams

            Wow… , first let me welcome you to the S.U. team. I’m sure we will revisit the top QB vote again next year where you will definetely have your voice heard. I’m sure Aikman will get at least one vote next time :) You really know your Football.. I can’t wait to read your articles.. What are you waiting for? lol

  • Perry Ball

    Nice list. My feeling is that if Tom Brady takes the Patriots to another Super Bowl and wins it, He will be the best NFL QB ever. He’s already taken the Patriots to 5 Super Bowl’s and I don’t think that’s ever been done before.

    • J.R. Williams

      I agree Perry, this is one of the better lists on the net..