Fantasy Football: Dwayne Bowe on the Rise in 2013-2014

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In 2010, Dwayne Bowe was a guy that looked to be king of the fantasy football world. He had 15 touchdowns and 1,162 receiving yards. Many fantasy players thought Matt Cassel and Bowe could be on the cusp of being a great duo. However, fast forward to 2012 and things look quite different. Bowe only had 801 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Bowe’s fantasy value has certainly changed since 2010, but the Chiefs had a very good off season that may help Bowe’s fantasy value.

Off Season Review

The Chiefs brought in ex-Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid. Andy Reid has a great history of passing more than rushing. In 2012, under Reid’s coaching the Eagles passed 59.9% of the time which was 8th highest in the NFL.

After Reid got established in Kansas City it didn’t take him long to get a new QB. That QB was Alex Smith, and he was instantly named the starter for 2013. Smith played for the 49ers in 2012 and had a passer rating of 104.1 in the 10 games he played before he got benched (but that’s a different story).

With a new coach who likes to pass, add a very efficient quaterback and all the team needed was a very talented wide receiver. The Chiefs decided Bowe would be that talented receiver and made him the 4th highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. It seems that all the pieces fell into place for the Chiefs and they got all the people they wanted. But will this get him back to his 2010 ways?


It’s tough to say for sure what Bowe will do in the 2013-14 season but it certainly looks like the Chiefs think Bowe can be just as good as Calvin Johnson. With a coach that loves to pass and a QB that seemed to have everything going for him in 2012 it sure looks good for Bowe. His fantasy stock is on the rise and he should easily be a top 10 wide receiver if not better. Even Bowe himself thinks so, in an interview with a reporter from The Kansas City Star, Bowe said

“I’m going to lead the league in touchdowns and receptions.”

Where will Dwayne Bowe end the 2013-14 Fantasy Football Season?

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  • Yameson

    Alex Smith only passed to Crabtree like 5 times last year. I don’t think Bowe will be top 10 this year…