Best Football Movies of All-Time

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Football Movies FeaturedOver the last few weeks, the writers of Sports Unbiased have determined the Best Basketball Movies of All-Time and the Best Baseball Movies of All-Time.

This week, we close with the Best Football Movies of All-Time.  As before, each writer picked their top-3 football movies of all-time, ranked them, and explained why they chose them.  Then, points were assigned (one point for 3rd, two for 2nd, and 3 for 1st) and the points were tallied and the rankings were determined.

A total of 13 movies were chosen by the following writers:  Adam Solowiei, Wesley Dotson, JR Williams, Rich Stowe, Sammie Wright, Brian Podoll, Mike Fabber, and Derek McVay.

There were clear-cut winners for the top five spots, then it became a close battle for sixth, seventh, and eight places.  After you read the rankings, be sure to vote in the poll at the end (you can pick three movies) and be sure to comment to let us know how we did and what your top-3 all-time football movies are.

Let’s start with those movies that finished in 8th place.

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