Ray Allen Legacy: It all began in Seattle

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ray-allen-sonics-300The wild 2004-2005 season when the Western Conference was virtually up for grabs provided more than enough excitement for fans.

In this case, back when the Seattle Supersonics still existed, had a solid shot at the Conference finals before running into the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs. A star-studded and athletic team, headed by Ray Allen tries and successfully defeats the regular season favorite Phoenix Suns in a thrilling 2 OT game that I will remember.

I recall catching the latter half of this game. After all the good games had gone off, this was the only thing to watch. What was looking like a blowout victory for the Suns turned into an unwanted shootout at the O.K. Corral. Ray Allen had hit two very important 3 pointers to take the star-studded Phoenix Suns into no mans land.

42 points in all, 24 of them coming from 3 point range, Jesus Shuttlesworth had willed his team into this game with wide open looks that iced the defense and the crowd altogether. You can even see the disbelief in the Suns’ bench after Allen hits the game winning shot to end this wild game at 152-149.


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