Jason Kidd Hired as The New Nets Head Coach

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Today the Brooklyn Nets found their new head coach in Jason Kidd; one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game. This new wave of players-turned-coaches is showing us that there is a new era of basketball that will not only be exciting but more personal and passionate

Kidd, who turned 40 this past March, and retired just weeks ago, will take on the new task of coaching a Brooklyn squad headed by another talented point guard in Deron Williams. Players always rant and rave about how the coaches can’t relate to the game, now however, who better than a former champion and 10-times All-Star?

We see the fruitful relationships NBA players have with their coaches who were former players themselves. Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Lionel Hollins and his influence on the Grizzlies; and that courtesy being extended to Mark Jackson and Steph Curry. I am highly interested in seeing how far Jason Kidd can take this team in seasons to come.


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