NBA: Least Competitive Players 2012-2013

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Lack of Instinct - FeaturedLast week we ranked the players who had the greatest competitive spirit.  This week’s task for the writers of Sports Unbiased was to rank the players who are lacking that competitive drive.

We all know that in order to dominate in the game of professional basketball it takes a certain killer instinct and competitive nature to not only succeed but to become the best in the game.  We see this in players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – that desire to win at all costs, to never give up or give in, and the desire to always be on the court with the fate of the game in their hands.

We also know when we see in players when this is lacking.  We see them not want the pressure, not want the responsibility of carrying a team, or simply in a player that isn’t living up to their potential.

This week, Kimani Gregoire, Wesley Dotson, Sammie Wright, Rich Stowe, and JR Williams have ranked these players.  They came up with their top-3 players that are lacking that competitive spirit and they explained why they ranked them.

Then, points were assigned based on the voting (three points for first, two for second, and one for first) and then the players were ranked based on the point totals.

We had eight players listed on the ballots.  So who made the list and in what order?  Keep reading to find out!

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