NBA 2K14 & NBA Live 2014 Cover Vote

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We have reached a point in the NBA season where can narrow down the top candidates eligible to bless the next cover of 2K Sports NBA 2K14.  This poll is for you,  the users and fans who support one of the greatest and most realistic NBA games of all time. With that being said, who do you think should be on the cover of NBA 2K14?

Here is my list of the most deserving NBA players and their respective stats for the 2012-2013 season. Keep in mind this is a short list of six NBA players who have yet to grace the cover. A couple of the players currently in the MVP race have already appeared on the NBA 2K game covers. Players such as Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant have already appeared on the covers over the past few years. I believe selecting Durant, Rose, and Blake Griffith simultaneously to appear on the 2K13 cover was a huge mistake and a waste because it eliminates those players from appearing on future covers but I could be wrong.

6/6/2013 UPDATE: Lebron James Will be on the cover of NBA 2K14…

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1. Lebron James (Forward):

Arguably the most dominant player in the game. The NBA champion and multiple MVP recipient has never graced the cover of an NBA 2K game. Lebron James is a perennial All-Star East starter, All -NBA first team, and All-NBA Defensive team member for multiple seasons. Lebron is also among the league leaders in scoring, rebounds, and assists per game. James quite possibly is the only player in the NBA who can play and guard all five positions.



(Photo: Jeff Hanisch, US Presswire)


2. Carmelo Anthony (Forward):

The most lethal scorer the NBA has seen in the last 10+ years, Melo has the state of New York on his back and he was one of the focal points, scoring wise, for the gold medal winning USA Men’s basketball team in 2012.  Carmelo is among the top-5 scorers in the league, an NBA All-Star and one of the top-4 candidates for NBA most valuable player. The New York Knicks have the second best record in the eastern conference an are expected to make some huge noise in the NBA Playoffs this year.




Up Next: James Harden and Stephen Curry

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  • Lee Andrew

    Lebron should be on both covers.

  • BFF hhf

    Melo is the cover



  • Kardel Arnold

    Nate Robinson

  • nicoandjoshua

    derrick rose and cp3 and kd no melo

  • http://sports kb24best

    Kobe kyrie or cp3

  • lander gonzelez

    zach moon is a ***** !!
    miami is a big 3 .. with out wade and bosh lebron cant win a champioship ring..
    .like his cleveland years bis a big 1 on that team but no championship have won !!!

  • mike

    tony parker because he tore up the west and is going to tear up the finals

  • Micheal

    Stephen curry should get the cover


    Charlie Villaneueva Should be the cover of 2k14 because of his ability to not get kicked out of the league.

  • zach moon

    Roy Hibbert should be on the cover. He was a fat non-athletic player in college, now he is defending all-star big men and has great post moves.

  • Arÿámàñ Khóśłá

    Russel Westbrook

  • Isaiah Gooden

    It should be DeWayne Wade

  • AA


  • nbajc

    Lillard or nate robinsonn

  • clippersfan3


  • kb24

    kobe bryant is better than everybody