Ray Allen: The Decision

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Ray Allen is still yet to make one of the most important decisions of his career; retire, or play one more year?

Although the anticipation has us on the edge of our seats, Allen does not seem to be in any rush to make up his mind.

Ray Allen has been a part of the Miami Heat for two winning season, but after this previous season’s loss in the Finals, his return is uncertain.

We believed he would be retiring after the 2013-2014 season, hoping he would have another ring on his finger, but he has expressed interest in possibly returning to the game to play his 19th season.

If LeBron James returned to the Miami Heat, he would have surely returned; Allen is very close with James and really enjoys playing side by side with the superstar. When James began showing signs of leaving Miami for Cleveland, Allen said he would strongly consider leaving with him. LeBron already made the decision to return to the Cavs, now what’s Allen’s next move?

Many feel Ray Allen should just retire and bask in his many accomplishments as one of the best players to play the game. Allen has 18 season, 10 All-Star appearances, two championships under his belt, and can surely expect to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. He has had an amazing career all NBA players could only wish to have.

During his career, Allen has played with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Seattle SuperSonics, the Boston Celtics, and most recently the Miami Heat. Playing with yet another team for just one year wouldn’t make much sense – the most obvious choice would be to retire with the team he has earned two championships with.

Yes, Allen could go join the Cleveland Cavaliers and play alongside his friend LeBron, but that does not necessarily guarantee another championship. And if he doesn’t win a championship, will he then finally decide to retire? Or will we be in this same position a year from now? Retirement seems to be the way to go for Allen.

Not that we wouldn’t love to see Ray Allen play another season, regardless of what team he is with. Allen can undoubtedly keep a crowd entertained with his skill and evident passion for the game. It is with this skill and passion he has earned himself the title of the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point field goals.

Allen’s game might not be as strong as it once was, but he is unarguably one of the best veterans in the game. This can be attributed to his desire to be the best; and whatever he’s doing is working.

After LeBron James ultimately decided to leave the Miami Heat and head back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, two other Miami Heat players have followed after him; small forward/shooting guards Mike Miller and James Jones. It was really no surprise — Miller and Jones love playing with James.

Miller was amnestied by the Miami Heat in July of 2013, causing James to be very upset with the Heat organization. Miller then quickly jumped at the opportunity to play with James once again, probably after many persuasive conversations; Ray Allen might too fall for the persuasion.

The Miami Heat would hate to lose such a valuable asset like Allen, especially to a team that has already acquired two of its players. One thing is for sure — Pat Riley and the Heat organization have been doing a commendable job of rebuilding a winning team after the loss of James. They have shown they have a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude, and won’t let anything keep them down.

The Heat franchise would be honored if Allen chose to return for his final season, and if he does decide to put off his retirement one more season, the Miami Heat is clearly where he should remain.

It is all just a waiting game for the time being. Time is ticking, and Allen will eventually have to make his final decision.

For now he is thoroughly enjoying the off-season, as he should be.

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