Carlos Boozer Joining LA Lakers: Contract Details

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Boozer Lakers

(Image courtesy of Chicago Bulls/Los Angeles Lakers)

We have a winner! Carlos Boozer, 32, will be joining the LA Lakers next season.

The Lakers, having the highest bid in the blind bidding process, picked up the remaining portion of Boozer’s $16.8 million contract with the Chicago Bulls. They won with a $3.25 million bid.

It is unknown what other teams placed bids for Boozer. Only teams that are under their salary cap were allowed to bid.

Boozer was amnestied by the Bulls on Tuesday, subjecting him to the routine 48 hour waiver period. The Lakers made their winning bid on Thursday, the very last day to bid.

Although Boozer is now under contract with the Lakers, the amnesty clause requires the Bulls to pay him the remainder of his $13.6 million contract.

So what does this mean for the Lakers?

The LA franchise is still looking to use their remaining cap space wisely to upgrade the team and add talent to their roster, as exhibited in acquiring Boozer.

Statistically, Boozer is not the strongest of players, averaging 13.7 points, 8.3 rebounds, and only 28.2 minutes of play time last season. His defensive game is weak, but offense is definitely the man’s strong point. The Lakers need stronger offense now more than ever with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash‘s health issues.

It is well known that the Lakers’ star player, Kobe Bryant, 35, will be departing sometime in the near future. Bryant has one year left in his contract, but injuries left him sidelined the majority of last season. Only time will tell what next season has in store for him.

Boozer is the third power forward the Lakers have signed in the past few days. They recently agreed to a two-year, $2 million deal with Ed Davis and re-signed Jordan Hill with a two-year $18 million contract.

As of right now, the Lakers have six “big guys” on their roster; forward-center Jordan Hill, center Robert Sacre, power forward Ed Davis, rookie forward Julius Randal, forward Ryan Kelly, and now, power forward Carlos Boozer.

One thing is for sure – the Lakers are looking to win, and they’re looking to win NOW.

The LA Lakers can easily be regarded as an NBA team with one of the biggest egos. Not only because they have one of the best players to ever play the game, Kobe Bryant, on their team, but because they have the skill and desire to win, year after year. Do we not recall the Showtime era?

All eyes are on now Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers’ general manager, as we watch him attempt to build a championship-worthy team. Jumping on the opportunity to sign veteran Boozer is merely a sign that Kupchak is being aggressive, and only aims to add valuable assets to his team.

If anything, Boozer will surely add veteran presence and star power to the LA team.

We’re all ready and eager to see what the Lakers’ next move will be, and more over, how well they fare in the upcoming season.


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