Heat vs. Spurs Game 4 NBA Finals Prediction: Must Win for the Heat

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Image Courtesy of the Miami Heat

Image Courtesy of the Miami Heat

In Game 3 of the NBA finals, the San Antonio Spurs offensively and defensively obliterated the Miami Heat on their home floor in front of a capacity crowd. LeBron James couldn’t carry the weight on his shoulders the entire game as he struggled to find his rhythm while also committing a career NBA finals high seven turnovers. Dwyane Wade had a solid game while Chris Bosh finished a perfect 4-4 from the field. Personally I think Wade was a little too aggressive offensively and the team failed to get Bosh enough scoring touches.

The Spurs simply outplayed the Heat on both ends of the floor. I honestly thought the Spurs entire team was possessed, it seemed like we were watching an entirely different team, a team looking to make a big statement. The San Antonio Spurs executed their offense in a near perfect fashion, going nearly 11 minutes without missing a field goal and closing the first half shooting better than 76 percent from the field. San Antonio came, they saw, they conquered.

The Heat will head into Game 3 of the NBA finals in a “must win” situation, they simply cannot afford to lose this game. Not many teams have come from behind 3-1 to win an NBA title – that type of ish just doesn’t happen on a regular basis. The Heat have handled pressure well in the past but will the King ( LeBron James ) rise to the occasion or will this be the end of a dynasty?

Things that make you go hmm….


Keys to the Game:

San Antonio Spurs:  LeBron James will be coming out the gate playing aggressive on both ends of the floor. The Spurs have to double LeBron, forcing the ball out of his hands which should put pressure on other players to make shots. The Miami Heat can’t win if LeBron scores anything less than 25 points. If the Spurs fail to disrupt his offense and force a few turnovers, this game is over.

Key Players: Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and Kawhi Leonard.

Diaw played a solid game 3, if he can continue to play aggressive in the post area in conjunction with knocking down the outside shot, he will keep his team in contention. Danny Green has to continue to play aggressive and not just settle for the outside shot. Green is very effective when driving to the hole – keep it up. Kawhi Leonard is the key. I don’t expect him to put up another 29 point game but he has to make LeBron James work on the offensive end on the floor, and he cannot get caught up in over-defending LeBron.

Miami Heat: The “Big-3″ have to show up this game. Bosh, Wade, and James all have to play we’ll if they wish to come out of Game 4 alive. Each player has to but up at least 18 points a piece, otherwise the Heat are in trouble. If Miami can limit Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to single digit points, they have a chance at winning this game. Defense is the key.

Key Players: LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and the Miami Heat bench.

As I said before, the “Big  3″ have to show up more than any other player on the Miami Heat roster. The last time I checked, the team that operates best as a cohesive unit will outlast a team that operates best through a single player. The Heat have to unite and extend this series. Mario Chalmers may have lost the psychological battle but there are other players who have to step up.

Prediction: Heat win, final score 103 – 97


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