Spurs win Game 3: Miami Heat “Fair Weather” Fans Make Early Exit

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Image Courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs ( official facebook page )

What more can I say, the San Antonio Spurs outplayed the Miami Heat from the jump ball, but the biggest story of the game was Kawhi Leonard. He played highly effective defense against LeBron James which helped limit him to 22 points and seven turnovers. The Spurs lead the game by as many as 25 points during the first half as the Heat struggled to find baskets.  LeBron did however find success in the post area, as the Miami Heat stopped the bleeding and chipped the score down to single digits in the 4th quarter.

All credit goes to Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs, they simply played better team basketball. At least 11 players on the Spurs scored in this game and their highest scorer came from an unexpected player in Kawhi Leonard who lead all scorers with 29 points. Danny Green also came to play, he lit the Heat up early in the game with his outside shooting and his surprising drives and finishes at the basket. I personally have never witnessed a Spurs team with as much focus and precise execution as I have in Game 3. San Antonio set a NBA Finals record for shooting percentage in a half, shooting better than 75 percent. Overall,, the Spurs were firing on all cylinders tonight while the Miami Heat didn’t appear to be quite as polished.

There were also several occasions in the 4th quarter where both LeBron and Wade stood under the rim whining like babies expecting a foul call from the ref while the Spurs continued to push the issue offensively. I think both players exerted too much energy complaining to the refs instead of getting back on defense. Dwyane Wade and Rashard Lewis were the only players who contributed significant numbers offensively, while Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers were virtual “no shows”.

And then there were the Heat fans..


Lets rewind back to 2013 NBA Finals in Miami where thousands Heat fans had lost hope and headed for an early exit as it appeared that their team was defeated in the 2013 NBA finals. The same fans who tried to storm their way back into the arena after the Heat made their comeback which lead to a victory.  Unfortunate for them, the doors back into American Airlines arena were locked, forcing them to watch from outside as their team raised their second consecutive NBA title.

Fast forward to this years NBA finals where thousands of so called Heat fans have once again turned their back on their team far before the game was actually decided. Fair weather fans once again not appreciating their part in an historic NBA Finals.

Win or lose, true fans stick by their team. This almost makes you wonder where exactly are the real Miami Heat fans, because most of them are certainly not sitting in the arena. If you’re a REAL Heat fan, sound off!!

Do the Miami Heat fans deserve another NBA title?

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