Future of the Miami Heat’s Big 3: Possible Teams if They Break Up

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Image Courtesy of Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Image Courtesy of Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the Miami Heat gearing up for their fourth straight NBA Final appearance and only four wins away from being the first team to three-peat since the Los Angeles Lakers did it from 2000-02, most would think it would be crazy if the Heat’s “Big 3” disbanded after this season. Still, what if LeBron decided to break his legacy up into three different chapters; the first as the hometown hero, then as the King of South Beach, and finally a unwritten chapter that would start next season. In addition, if you look at the Heat roster most of the formidable players playing with these three superstars are getting up there in age, with Shane Battier, Ray Allen and Chris Andersen all already over the age of 35. No matter what it would be shocking if LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh part ways, especially if they win another championship this season. Yet we all know anything is possible. Therefore, that makes you wonder where would these three superstars fit if the inevitable did happen.

Chris Bosh

Follow LeBron – Unlike Dwyane Wade, injuries aren’t taking a toll on the careers of Chris Bosh and LeBron James, so with both of them looking to have many more productive seasons ahead, why not stick together. Bosh already seems fine playing second fiddle and if he follows James and they win more championships together, he will go down in history as LeBron’s version of Scottie Pippen, which isn’t that bad of a comparison.

Also adding these two players as a package deal would make any team an instant title contender, as they would then have LeBron James, arguably the best player in the game today, and Chris Bosh an All-Star power forward in his own right. If the Heat were to disband this would be a very likely outcome, because if you think about it these two already came to Miami as a package deal to join Dwayne Wade, so what is stopping them from taking their talents elsewhere together.

Dallas Mavericks – If LeBron wants to journey out of South Beach on his own and Dallas isn’t his preferred destination; Mark Cuban would still be glad to have Bosh join his Mavericks. This would be a reunion of sorts for Bosh, as Dallas is his hometown where he tore it up in high school, winning many individual awards and a state title.

Let’s face it, since the Mavericks beat the Heat for the title in 2011, things just haven’t been the same after letting key players like Tyson Chandler walk away. Pairing Chris Bosh with Dirk Nowitzki  (if he decides to stay), who has a couple of All-Star seasons left in him, could be the piece to puzzle that the Mavericks need to get back into the title discussion. Now Nowitzki and Bosh do play the same position, however I’m sure head coach Rick Carlisle can find a way to work that problem out with both players already proving they can play multiple positions.

San Antonio Spurs – Now this would only come to fruition if Tim Duncan retires. Even though Bosh is no Tim Duncan, he still would be a nice replacement, as he is a nine-time All-Star in his own right. Also, Bosh would not be called upon to be the go-to guy with players like Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, and Manu Ginobili already on the roster, thus Bosh would be just another key player in Greg Popovich’s system, which he seems to prefer.

Without Duncan, the Spurs would have the cap space to add a player of Bosh’s caliber and maybe another quality big man to play center, since you really want Bosh at power forward, where he is more productive. Now San Antonio isn’t known for paying boatloads of money to free agents, but without Duncan, they would be missing a man in the post and could struggle mightily if they draft someone and wait on them to develop. With Tony Parker still in his prime, it would be wise to find him a player who could step right in and keep the Spurs in title contention.


Dwyane Wade

Chicago Bulls –  Dwyane Wade returning to his hometown would give the Bulls the offensive weapon they seem to be missing.Couple him with a healthy Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah then the Bulls become title contenders again. To make this a reality the Bulls will probably have to finally amnesty Carlos Boozer, as they don’t have the best cap situation at the moment, but doing this would give them enough to get Wade on board. Now the Bulls do have a talented young shooting guard in Jimmy Butler, but they could use Wade as a sixth man where he come off the bench and play both guard positions.

Stay in Miami – If Chris Bosh and LeBron James do bolt out of South Beach, Dwyane Wade might feel compelled to stay with the only team he knows and help them rebuild. Now Wade will need help if this scenario played out and the Heat would have a lot of money at there disposal, with Pat Riley steering the ship I’m sure he would find the pieces to at least keep Miami in playoff contention. Wade has led the team to a championship with Shaq and then won two, so far, with his buddies James and Bosh. So if he keeps his body from breaking down even more and has new talent around him, who’s to say he can’t bring another title to South Beach without King James and CB4.

Oklahoma City Thunder- Yes this sounds crazy but it’s evident that ever since trading away James Harden the Thunder are missing that key piece to the puzzle that can help bring Oklahoma City a championship. This could be the perfect marriage as the Thunder need a sixth man coming off the bench who can lead the second unit and Dwyane Wade might be wise to tone down his playing time if he wants to prolong his career and take a role as a sixth man. With The Thunders cap situation, this would be hard to pull off and Wade might have to take a considerable pay cut, but anything is possible.


LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers – Having LeBron join Kobe Bryant would be a huge deal if the Lakers were able to make it happen. First, Kobe is on his last legs and it’s about time for a new superstar to take over in Los Angeles and what better way for Bryant to try and win an elusive sixth ring than with the player that most would say is best in the game today. Although, this would be hard to pull off since LeBron and Kobe would eat up most of the cap space and make it difficult to put good players around them. Another issue would be chemistry, as Kobe is a shoot first pass later kind of player, and would have to learn to co-exist with a player that needs the ball just as much as he does. Still the Lakers have pulled off big signings in the past and with the deep history the Lakers have, James just might want to add his chapter to their long history of success.

New York Knicks –  If this were a possibility then not only will Steve Kerr scorn Phil Jackson, but so will Carmelo Anthony, and what better way to bounce back than bringing in LeBron James. Now this would be a very hard sell for Phil Jackson, as he will most likely be stuck with the contracts of Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani, and will not be able to implant that much talent around James immediately. Still, if Jackson has a vision that LeBron thinks will work this could become a reality and will have Knicks fans praising the heavens.

Dallas Mavericks – If LeBron were to opt out you know Mark Cuban would be all over the idea of bringing James to Dallas. This would also be best possible team that could afford to bring in him with Bosh as other teams with cap space would not have a player like Dirk Nowitzki on their roster. This can help LeBron win a title now, instead of trying to do it with little help around, as he would in Philadelphia or Orlando. Thus, in this scenario, LeBron could basically just build a new super team that just changes out the injury laden Dwyane Wade for the “Dunkin Deutschman” who looks to still have a few more seasons at an All-Star level.


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