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Brooklyn Nets Playoffs 2014: Is Jason Collins an Improvement to the Roster?

Image Courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets

Image Courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have just signed Jason Collins to a 10 day contract, the organization looks to improve their depth at the center position with the acquisition. Collins made headlines in 2013 after becoming the first openly gay player in North America’s four major professional sports. He joins a struggling Nets team that continues to have issues defeating some of the better teams in the league. Collins is a sizable player who could fill the back-up center position but I’m not sure if he provides any improvement to a team with issues scoring.

Collins is a career 3.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game type of player, hardly numbers to get excited about, but he has matched up we’ll against some of the better centers in the league and he also has post season experience. Overall, I’m not exactly impressed with the acquisition of Collins, he will definitely have to prove his worth within a short time frame, which could be an issue considering he hasn’t played since the 2012-2013 NBA season. The Brooklyn Nets have deeper issues, and those issues in my opinion begin with Deron Williams and Kevin Garnett.

Williams has been a huge disappointment this season, hes turned the ball over more than 93 times in less than 40 games and averaging 13.6 points per game – his lowest scoring average since his rookie season. He appears to be a shadow of his former self with no clear signs of improvement. Just last season, Deron Williams was the definite leader of the Brooklyn Nets, this season he appears to be nothing more than a backup point guard who has lost his confidence. The Nets will improve as a team only if Williams improves as a player, he is the key to their success.

Courtesy of Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports

The other player I have a major issue with is Kevin Garnett. He’s a solid defensive player, but what made him great was his ability to score. Have you watched him on the offensive end of the floor? He is literally non-existent and overly reluctant to distribute the ball – passing up open shot after open shot. And what the hell happened to his post-up game? Watching Kevin Garrett on the offensive end of the court has actually become a sad moment for me, he has no intensity and desire to score. I almost wish he would retire already, but he still is one of my all-time favorite players of the NBA.

Post season outlook

The Brooklyn Nets need to get Brook Lopez back on the court, quick and in a hurry. I have no faith in Deron Williams and I believe Shaun Livingston is the better point guard right now. Kevin Garnett has not played up to the $12 million dollar salary he has received this year, but I’m hoping to see a different player during the NBA playoffs – the championship caliber player who can put up 15-18 points and grab 11 rebounds. Overall, the Nets still have the look of a bottom tier playoffs team, but I am sure there isn’t a single team in the Eastern Conference who thinks they aren’t a formidable opponent. I think the expectations were set a bit too high this season, but look on the bright side, the Nets aren’t the worst team in New York.

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  • Arnold Glass II

    Good story JR. I don’t want to throw shade on Jason Collins, but he only averaged 3.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game during his career and the only reason he was in the league was because of his height (and hard hat mentality). The only reason he is relevant now is because of the history he made by being the first openly gay athlete in one of the four major sports in North America; if it wasn’t for that, his 10-day signing would have just been a footnote in the Net-Lakers game recap.

    • Jr. Williams

      Can’t say I disagree with your comment. I almost think the NBA’s motive was to simply upstage the NFL and Michael Sam. Having Collins on the court for defensive purposes could prove beneficial for the Brooklyn Nets ( in a very small way). The fact that he is gay is actually being over emphasized by mainstream media, that’s what they do, they ruin shit and make it seem bigger than it really is.