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New York Knicks JR Smith Fined $50k for Shoelace-untying Incindents

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The NBA has fined JR Smith $50,000 after he ignored a warning by the league and repeated his shoelace-untying attempt on a different player. The league calls his actions “unsportsmanlike conduct”, but is this an example of selective enforcement on a player who is far from being the poster boy of the league? Knicks head coach Mike Woodson added this comment during an interview with ESPN New York,

“I’m going to address it tomorrow when he comes in here for work, because it’s unacceptable, I mean it really is. I mean, it’s unprofessional. That’s the only word I can use, or two words. It’s just, you can’t do that. You just cannot do that.”

JR Smith has been fined more than $325,000 in fines this year with infractions ranging from violating the terms of the leagues anti-drug program to posting inappropriate language on his twitter account aimed towards Detroit Pistons player Brandon Jennings. Smith and the New York Knicks are having a disappointing season, sitting close to last in the Eastern Conference standings but the Knicks have shown promise, winning two games in a row including a 5-5 record after 10 games.

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