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Political Issues with Dennis Rodman in North Korea | Is it bigger than Basketball?

Image Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

Image Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

The media appears to be attacking Dennis Rodman in regards to his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, claiming that Rodman is unethical in supporting a country with severe human rights issues including the holding of American captive Kenneth Bae. Kenneth Bae is a U.S. citizen currently serving a 15 year sentence in a North Korean labor camp on charges he intended to topple the government. In video interview with CNN reporter Chris Cuomo, Rodman defends his stance and questions the validity of Bae’s innocence. Should Rodman and company be held accountable for an issue outside of Basketball simply because they are Americans? Former NBA player Charles Smith stated “Sports should be used to bridge cultural exchange,” a statement in which I definitely agree with him.

Dennis Rodman North Korea

Is Dennis Rodman the victim of media bullying, character assassination, or is he the victim of the circumstance? As an American, is it Rodman’s responsibility to involve himself in the political issues of North Korea or is he perfectly within his rights to conduct his sporting event with the hopes of bringing dialogue among cultures?

Lets be honest, Dennis Rodman far from being the Ambassador of the U.S., he is an NBA Hall of Fame player known for his talent on the court and more notably his outlandish and eccentric attitude off the court. Should we really expect a man who once wore a wedding dress to represent the political views of America? I think not, I say leave Rodman alone but if he were a smart man, he should look to become a permanent resident of North Korea because his situation appears to only get worse when he and company return to the U.S.

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