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NBA Rumors: Andrew Bynum Will Play on Which NBA Team?

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I think its safe to say Andrew Bynum has spent his last days in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform after being suspended indefinitely from the team. There are also several rumors of Bynum having a side relationship with the wife of a Cav’s assistant coach, unfortunately no clear information is available on the parties involved.

Let’s move past the Jerry Springer episode and move on to some basketball talk. Bynum has plenty of basketball left in him. Cleveland seemed to be a great place to rejuvenate his career but let’s be honest, the Cavs aren’t making any serious noise in the east and Kyrie Irving is beginning to look more and more like a player who prefers to shoot first and pass later (ranked 14th in the league in assists).

According to several major sports sites (ESPN), Bynum could be headed back to the Lakers in exchange for Pau Gasol. This could be a good move for the Lakers due to the lackluster relationship between Gasol and head coach Mike D’Antoni. I like the idea of a Kobe – Bynum reunion and this could be just what the Lakers need to move forward next season. There are several other NBA teams that could utilize Bynum’s size and ability right now but only a few teams will benefit. The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers are the immediate teams that come to mind but which team will go after Bynum first?

HeatThe Miami Heat could use a “big guy” with Bynum’s size to clog up the middle and defend some of the more sizable players in the league, more importantly Indiana Pacers players Roy Hibbert and David West. The Heat currently have Greg Oden on the active roster but his services to the team appear to be on hold until the playoffs. Oden’s name hasn’t been placed on any injured reserve list which could mean he is healthy enough to play. If the Heat wish to steal the home court advantage away from the Pacers it would be smart of them to take on the risk and bring in Bynum. Without a doubt, Bynum would make the Heat a much more difficult team to defeat in the playoffs and their chances at winning a third consecutive NBA title could be as close to a guarantee as possible.

ClippersThe Clippers could also use an additional big man who has the ability to score in the low post. DeAndre Jordan is one of the best shot blockers in the league but his scoring ability away from the basket is average at best. Doc Rivers could be willing to take the risk of adding Bynum to the lineup. As the head coach for the Celtics, Rivers brought in players like Stephon Marbury and Nate Robinson – two players with less than stellar reputations in the league.


On the other hand, Bynum could be used as a ploy to clear cap space. According to NBA analyst Sean Warrington -

Waiving Bynum would serve as cap relief. Especially for the Lakers because they’re trying to clear as much cap space as possible to afford one or possibly two max contract players.

The most important question is, which NBA team would be willing to take the risk of bringing in Bynum?

Andrew Bynum will play on which NBA team?

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