Greatest Sports Moments of 2013: The Best Of List

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Greatest Sports Moments of 2013, Writers PicksIn almost every sport the 2013 season is either over or nearing its end. With that in mind some of the Sports Unbiased writers got together and listed some of their favorite sports moments of 2013.

Some of these moments are from the traditional “Big Four” while others can be considered niche to the obscure yet all of them were huge moments in their respective disciplines and all should be considered exceptional.

The writers were asked to list their greatest moments without a list, just what they thought in their minds and in their guts. Three of the moments were mentioned multiple times with the others receiving one vote. The Sports Unbiased writers that weighed in on their favorite moments of 2013 are: Brian Podoll, Zach Bigalke, Rich Stowe, JR Williams, Chris Pagliuca, John Yeomans, and Adam Solowiei. Without further adieu here are the contributing writers greatest sports moments of 2013.


Spurs vs. Heat Game Six NBA Finals: Ray Allen’s Three Point Shot

John Yeomans – Before the game, critics were already letting everybody know that with a loss LeBron James would be 1-3 in the NBA Finals and already proclaiming that the Spurs were on their way to another NBA title. After being down by ten to start the third quarter, King James got so serious the headband came off and he went on a tear leading Miami on a 19-7 run to start the fourth quarter. Still it wasn’t enough, led by point guard Tony Parker, the Spurs came roaring back land had a 94-89 lead with just 28 seconds left in the game. After James imposed his will and some crucial missed free throw by the Spurs, it was still a three-point game with five seconds to go. Then the magic happened with Chris Bosh reaching for the heavens to get the rebound and then passing it to Ray Allen who hit the amazing game tying three to force overtime. After a back in forth overtime where the Spurs started to show their age it was Bosh reaching for the heavens once again and blocking a potential game tying three from Danny Green. After this game, those who didn’t believe in James now knew that he was surely the prodigy everybody predicted him to be back when he was a beast in high school.

JR Williams – Miami Heat’s Ray Allen added yet another legendary 3-point basket to his long list of clutch shots he has accumulated throughout his NBA career. The Miami Heat appeared to be eliminated as the San Antonio Spurs were on their way to their fourth NBA title in the 2000 era but Ray Allen responded with a 3-point basket that forced a pivitolGame 7 of the NBA Finals. Led by Lebron James, the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs and raised their second consecutive NBA Championship banner.

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2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Title

Brian Podoll – As much as it pains me to say it, due to my general disdain for Boston and the Red Sox, but the team’s rallying of the city after the Boston Marathon attack in April and then going on to win the World Series in October probably deserves to be the Top Sports Moment of 2013. Just the idea that the Red Sox were a “worst to first” story was large enough on its own, but the context of restoring some pride to their damaged city via sports proved to be outstanding. Let’s just hope that there is not a repeat of that sort of reason to have a Top Sports Moment for 2014.

Chris Pagliuca – The 2012 Boston Red Sox finished dead last in the AL East division in the 2012 season, going 69-93. In 2013, no one believed the Red Sox would even contend to get into the playoffs, however, they proved everyone wrong. The 2013 Red Sox would go 95-67, winning the division and going on the win the 2013 World Series. What makes this a top sports moment in 2013, is that Boston went through a tragedy, when the Boston Marathon was bombed by terrorists. This horrible moment brought Boston together, which included the Red Sox, who used this as their motivation and lifted them above the competition and into the history books.

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Mariano Rivera’s Final Game at Yankee Stadium

Adam Solowiei – How do you end a storied career in front of the hometown fans? Just like this. Instead of the manager coming out to relieve a pitcher of his services, Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte come out to pull Rivera. Was the greatest closer baseball has ever seen being pulled because of a poor outing? Nope, it was a class act to make sure Mariano got the send off he deserved. What followed was an emotional moment from three of the Core Four that ended with the normally stoic Mariano Rivera breaking down in front of the world. A proper sendoff to a top notch human being.

Rich Stowe – When Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte both came out to take Rivera out of the game, that was simply awesome.  Then they all started tearing up and that pretty much cinched the moment as one of the best ever this year.

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Super Bowl XLVII, The Harbaugh Bowl

Brian Podoll – The second Top Sports Moment would probably have to be the Harbaugh brothers facing each as head coaches in the Super Bowl, which sounds like the stuff of fantasy football. The odds of that happening at all were remote and we can see this season how difficult it has been for either Baltimore or San Francisco to even return to this coming post-season. If Boston was about restoring a city to celebration, the Harbaugh brothers represent the pinnacle of every sibling rivalry on every sandlot or playground across the country. All in the family hail healthy competition!

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