Tracy McGrady Retires from the NBA: Will he return to the CBA?

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Tracy McGrady has decided to call it quits after 16 seasons in the NBA. McGrady joins a short list of players who have become superstars after taking the leap straight out of high school into the NBA. While most people would assume this is the end of McGrady’s career, it is my belief he is far from calling it quits in the realm of playing professional basketball.

True, McGrady is closing the door on his NBA career, however the door is always open for professional basketball opportunities abroad. I think his departure from the league is a great decision. Contrary to popular belief, many ex-NBA stars have found tremendous success and popularity in other countries.



After permanently departing from the NBA in 2009, Stephon Marbury experienced massive popularity in the CBA as a member of both the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons and the Beijing Ducks. He lead the Ducks to the 2011-2012 season CBA championship.

McGrady should definitely follow suit, as he will certainly be embraced as a superstar in the CBA in contrast to NBA teams looking to utilize him as nothing more than an aging veteran backup. From an NBA perspective, in his prime McGrady was certainly one of deadliest and most efficient shooters to ever play the game. The question as to whether or not he is a first ballot hall of famer is open to debate. I’m sure most will agree, Tracy McGrady was Carmelo Anthony before there was a Carmelo Anthony. How many 6′ 8″ guard-forwards could display similar if not better shooting range and athleticism as McGrady?

At the end of the day, McGrady has something to prove. I’m sure we will see him on the hardwood again.


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  • Jerome Gourdine

    I think the worst thing about this offseason is that Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady retired within months of each other… I’m most hurt about that.