MMA Roundtable – 1/14/2013

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This post is courtesy of David Snipes and 7 Pound Bag

Welcome to the First MMA Roundtable of 2013! This year we will se the End of Strikeforce, and Bellator moving to Spike, as well as some major changes to Showtime, Fox and the MMAPlayground picks group we have.

That being said, lets get to the questions, If you have a question, just post it below! This week we have Roni, Joao, Collin and of course, myself, David.

1. Chandler has turned down a rematch with Eddie- is this a smart move?

Roni: Turning down a fight is never good, specially for the champ.
But Chandler is about to face the LW Tournament Winner Rick Hawn while Eddie is in the limbo with this UFC bid & Bellator’s matching it. After Eddie clears things up and Chandler defends his belt, Bellator should make this fight. Weasther the champ wants it or not.

Collin: I don’t think so.  I can see his  reasons for doing so, as it could be very bad for his career if he loses to Eddie.  He beat Eddie once, and has little more to gain in the minds of some by beating him again.  Eddie is a dangerous fighter for sure, and the fact that he will most likely bolt to the UFC very soon makes it a more dangerous proposition to Bjorn and Chandler, as they risk their organizational pride if their star loses to a guy that immediately jumps ship to another promotion.  If however, he is a fighter who is looking to fight the toughest competition in the world and prove his skills and demonstrate his art of fighting to the world, then he would take the match without hesitation.  He appears however to be an athlete looking out for his own future interests than one with a “fighters” mentality.

Joao: I am actually not sure that is the case. Just a few days ago, already in 2013, Chandler gave an interview stating that “I think pretty much every MMA fan out there wants Chandler-Alvarez 2, so give the fans what they want. If he stays in Bellator, let’s fight. Let’s do it two times, three times, four times, who cares.”
The problem might be a question of timing. Chandler is scheduled to face Rick Hawn next, the excellent olympic Judoka who has shown a far better than expected striking game. And the UFC is trying to sign Alvarez, with Bellator attempting to match the offer.
So the fight may never happen… at least not in Bellator. A rematch would be exciting, though, as their first fight was tremendous.
Latest news are that Eddie is scolding Chandler’s latest interviews, saying that he has changed his mind because Bellator is telling him what to say. Nevertheless, Alvarez was submitted by Chandler and should just refrain from talking too much about this.

David: Chandler really has nothing to prove, he went through the tournament, earned his title shot, and won it. I do think that Bellator needs to give Main Event caliber fighters title shots as WELL as tournament winners, but if the Powers that be want to keep title shots tourney only, a non-title fight does nothing but weaken the belt if Chandler loses.


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