MLB All-Time Starting Lineup

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MLB All-Time Lineup FeaturedRecently, Sports Unbiased determined the NBA’s All-Time Starting 5 so we decided to do the same for MLB.  The writers were tasked with deciding who would be the starter for each position on the MLB All-Time Starting Lineup.

The writers taking part were Rich Stowe, Wesley Dotson, Derrick McVay, Adam Solowiei, and Kimani Gregoire.

Each writer had to determine who they would choose at each position and state why they picked each player.  There were some surprise players that received votes but at the end, I believe you’ll agree that we created the best MLB lineup ever!

So please keep reading, see who we chose at each position and remember to vote for each position at well.  Finally, feel free to comment to let us know who you picked or if you agree or disagree with our choices.

Up First:  Catchers

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