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Update: If you are looking for the MLB 15 The Show Cover Vote you can click here.

Legions of fans had their first chance in the history of the MLB The Show franchise to vote for who graces its cover in 2013. In what some might have considered a surprise, Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates won the vote and earned his place in video game history. He takes his place alongside David Ortiz, David Wright, Dustin Pedroia, Joe Mauer, and Adrian Gonzalez as the only MLB players to grace the cover of The Show in the United States. Jose Bautista has graced an alternate cover in Canada since 2012. League agreements and endorsement deals all play a factor in who makes the cover but to me that should not matter. The best choice should be the choice, period!

With the 2013 Major League Baseball season creeping up on the All-Star break what better time to create the short list of who should grace the cover of MLB 14 The Show. I am breaking down six players that feel have earned the right to be in the conversation as cover athlete for 2014. But it will be you, the baseball and video game enthusiast, that makes the final call. We are going to vote on it. I will list all six choices and an option for “other”. If you do not agree with any of my choices then pick other and leave a comment with who you think should be the MLB 14 The Show cover athlete. Let the voting begin and let’s see if we can influence who becomes the 2014 cover athlete.



Image Courtesy of AP

Troy Tulowitzki SS Colorado Rockies: To date this season (thru 61 games) he is hitting .347 with 16 home runs, 51 RBI and slugging .635. For his career he has a .296 average, 146 home runs and 521 RBI in 805 games. He has remained faithful, signing a long extension, to the Rockies and the fans are reaping the rewards. He is a two time All-Star, two time Silver Slugger and two time Gold Glove winner. The man can play and deserves a shot at the cover.


Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Mike Trout OF Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Dynamic, enthusiastic, young and a phenomenal talent. Had his “hello world” moment in 2012 hitting .326 with 30 home runs, 83 RBI, 129 runs, and stealing 49 bases in 139 games as a rookie. Voted an All-Star in his rookie campaign while garnering Rookie of the Year honors, winning a Silver Slugger award and finished second in MVP voting. If it wasn’t for Cabrera’s Triple Crown year he would have won. In 76 games of his sophomore season he is hitting .306 with 12 home runs, 46 RBI and 18 stolen bases.



Up Next: Matt Harvey, Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw and Bryce Harper

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  • Nicholas Juliani

    ryan howard

  • Rich

    Manny Machado

    • Adam Solowiei

      Can’t fault the logic.

  • Zak Taylor

    Michael Wacha!

    • Adam Solowiei

      Def a lot of love for Wacha. He came on like a train..

  • Cody Nelson

    Michael Wacha

  • Justin

    Yu Darvish good talent and also Victor Martinez

  • Matt


    • Adam Solowiei

      I can see where you are coming from but I am all about new folks for the cover. Papi was great though.

  • Ryan

    The most feared pitcher in all of baseball CRAIG KIMBREL!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Facebook Unknown

    Mariano Rivera “Mo”

  • Jared

    My vote is Miguel Cabrera, but not just because i am a Tigers fan. I voted for him because he is first in pretty much every batting category and is one of the best. I also think Molina, Kershaw, and Andrelton Simmons are great picks and i would be happy if they made the cover as well.

  • Roger

    Molina is my first choice. Best catcher in the game and also the hardest worker. Top MVP candidate. Best player on the best NL team. Another pick would be Paul Goldschmidt. Outstanding year, always had the big hits. I would pick Molina over him just because the Cardinals won the NL and the D’Backs aren’t so good. Both solid choices for the cover man, and the MVP.

    • Adam Solowiei

      I like the idea of Goldschmidt, I still think he should have won the MVP

  • No name

    I think a Mariano retiree cover would be very cool (but i would like to see Molina or Beltran) perhaps

    • Adam Solowiei

      Yeah the Mo sentiment is building up.. I like the Molina idea. not sure about Beltran.


    Mariano Rivera
    Bryce Harper
    Sinn Soo Choo
    Buster Posey
    Miguel Cabrera
    Mike Trout
    any of them all of them deserve it

  • alberto berrios

    I honestly give all the players much respect but i think i have a much better idea for the next cover. Could make a special edition copy in a titanium casing with pinstripes for Mariano Rivera. I am a mets fan so i must admit this idea came to my heart because i love the game of baseball. I hope everyone who reads this thinks the same.

    • Adam Solowiei

      I agreed with another poster about Rivera but I must admit the cover idea is pretty cool

  • Josh


  • Brian

    Freddie Freeman for the Atlanta Braves. Get on board now, he will be winning multiple batting titles and MVP’s. Should be in the race this year, excellent defensively as well.

    • Adam Solowiei

      Solid young player

  • Lil’ Tim

    I think it should be Matt Adams of the St. Louis Cardinals who came in after the RBI machine, Allen Craig took a few days off and now he’s in the post season following the injury of Allen. This man is a perfect cover for The Show because he is a rookie and a slugger

    • Adam Solowiei

      I think I can see where you are coming from but I am not sold. Although Adams is a talent just not sure he would resonate.

  • Tyler Castillo

    Yasiel Puig

    • Adam Solowiei

      Hard to knock it. He is a draw for sure

  • Jeramiah

    Bryce Harper all the way

    • Adam Solowiei

      I have him on the list so would be a fool to question the choice:)

  • roger

    robinson cano

    • Adam Solowiei

      The $300M man? I can see how he might deserve a place on the cover

  • Nick Lasley

    Pretty awesome that you included Tulo on the list. As a Rockies fan, I’d have to give him my vote. I’d also have to say Michael Cuddyer deserves the cover. After all, he may very well be the National League batting champion this season.

    • Adam Solowiei

      Tulo is an incredible talent. He only issue has been health. I agree Cuddyer is having a great season as well.

  • http://Google Minwoolee

    Cincinnati reds- shin soo-choo

    • Adam Solowiei

      Interesting Choice. I am surprised that you didn’t default to Votto or Bruce from the Reds but he is having a very solid season

  • Dwight Thompson

    Mike Trout

    • Adam Solowiei

      I agree he should be considered. I have him on the original list

  • Allon

    Yasiel puig

    • Adam Solowiei

      I agree that he is in the conversation. Dynamic young player

  • walter scholl

    i think yadier molina or matt carpenter should because they are both having record breaking seasons

    • Adam Solowiei

      I commented about Molina in the past. Carpenter is an interesting choice. A great talent but I am not sure if he is there yet. He will be!

  • yeah

    I think that yasiel puig should be on the front cover of the game because he made a big Impact

    • Adam Solowiei

      As I said, a dynamic young player that is in the conversation for sure.