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MLB: Carlton Fisk’s 1975 Home Run Ball up for auction

AP Photo/Harry Cabluck

AP Photo/Harry Cabluck


The home run ball that Carlton Fisk “waved fair” in the 1975 World Series is going back up for auction. One of the most iconic pictures in baseball shows Fisk celebrating after hitting a 12th inning home run off Cincinnati Reds pitcher Pat Darcy in Game 6. The ball is being sold by Robert Edward Auctions as part of their April catalog with the reserve price being set at $100,000.

“I knew it was gonna go out.  It was just a question of it being fair or foul. The wind must have carried it 15 feet toward the foul pole. I just stood there and watched. I didn’t want to miss seeing it go out,” – Carlton Fisk

The ball was first sold in 1999 when Reds outfielder George Foster, who picked up the ball in lieu of celebrating, received $113,273 at auction. The man who bought the baseball, Red Sox fan Rich Elfman, has decided to sell the piece of baseball history because his children have no interest in keeping the ball.

The celebration at Fenway Park didn’t last long once the Reds came back the next day to win Game 7 by a score of four to three. The most expensive Red Sox baseball sold at auction was the infamous Bill Buckner “between the legs” ball from Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which sold for $418,250 in May 2012.

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