MLB: Hall of Fame voting- One Common Bond

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As we all just found out, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa were all misses for the Hall of Fame this time around.  It is a big dispute about whether or not someone who is known to have used steroids should be voted into the Hall of Fame, and as of right now it looks like a no.  The Hall of Fame voters have gotten this right.

Usually sports writers are ripping leagues and voters new ones about how they have messed up, but for once it is time to step back and notice that maybe, just maybe they got this one right.  The steroid era will never go away, but inducting these players into the Hall of Fame would just throw fuel on the fire so to speak.  These players have cheated the game of baseball.  No other way to put it, they flat out cheated.

Yes, America is fascinated with the long ball, those 400 plus home runs that no one thought was possible until Sosa came up to the plate and did it or when Bonds broke the home run record set by the great Hank Aaron.  Some people want to discredit Bonds for this achievement, and those people raise a good point.  Hank did it on beer and hot dogs, Bonds did it on steroids.  Just doesn’t seem fair to the history of baseball, to allow people who have brought disgrace to the game to bask in the glory as being one of the greatest.  And if you allow these steroid users in, why not allow Pete Rose, the best hitter of all-time, into the Hall as well?  Yes, he bet on game, and yes he did say he always bet for his team, but he cheated just like all the others just in a different way.  And the MLB treats him like the flu.  They won’t mention him, they won’t speak of him, they won’t allow him to do anything involving the MLB, but yet they let Barry Bonds hold the record for home runs in a career.

Or how they allow Mark McGwire to be the hitting coach for the Dodgers when he cheated.  It just doesn’t seem right.  Some people want to put an asterisk next to the names like Bonds and McGwire, but what difference does that do?  You still allow these players into the Hall, so it isn’t prevent any players to not use steroids, because they know that if they have a great career using them they will still go into the Hall of Fame they will just have this little asterisk next to their name, but they will still be in so who cares.

If I were an average player in the MLB and I knew this, I would take the chance, because you get a fine and maybe a suspension, but you get to come back, unlike Rose, and voters would just go “oh well he used steroids, but he did good so he is in but with this asterisk next to his name.”  That has no impact on how America will view the Hall of Fame, we will all walk in and go “oh Bonds is in” and move on, not go on and on about how he cheated.  It is almost as if the MLB wants to just sweep this under the rug.  So to all of the Hall of Fame voters out there, I applaud you for sticking to your guns and not allowing these cheaters into the greatest part of major league baseball.

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