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Best Baseball Movies of All-Time

Baseball Movies FeaturedThis is the third article here on Sports Unbiased dealing with sports and movies.  Back in January, the writers listed their top-5 sports movies of all-time (regardless of sport) and then last week, the writers picked their all-time favorite basketball movies.

This week, the writers were tasked with picking their top-3 all-time favorite baseball movies.  The writers taking part were JR Williams, Rich Stowe, Adam Solowiei, Sammie Wright, Wesley Dotson, Chevy Daniels, Zach Bigalke, Mike Fabber, and Brian Podoll.

Each writer picked their top-3 baseball movies and then the movies were given points based on the votes (3 points for first place, 2 for second, and 1 for third).  The points were tallied and the rankings determined.  The nine voters picked 13 movies overall which goes to show just how popular baseball is in Hollywood.

Baseball has always been a great inspiration for Hollywood.  Whether it was telling the true stories of Lou Gehrig’s final season in The Pride of the Yankees in 1942 or Jackie Robinson’s story in 42 in 2013, trying to make us laugh with movies like Major League in 1989, or simply giving Kevin Costner something to do (Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, and many, many others), baseball is perfect for the storytelling that Hollywood needs.

Baseball has always been there.  Baseball has endured.  Even though the NFL is the most popular sport in America, baseball is still our heart and soul.  But why read what I write when James Earl Jones sums it up perfectly:


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