2014 NFL Draft Notebook: Jeremy Hill

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2014 Draft Notebook HillMeasurables

School: LSU

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 233 lbs

Hand Size: 10 3/8”

40 Time: 4.66

Bench: 20 reps

Vertical Jump: 29”

Long Jump: 113”

Career Stats





*Statistical credit to http://www.sports-reference.com/

Analysis and Grades

Size: A-, Big build at 6’1”, 233 pounds, but would it be beneficial for him to shed five or ten pounds? There will be a few teams that will fall in love with his punishing running style and the fact that he can carry the load when asked.

Speed/Burst: B+, Because of his size, Jeremy Hill does not have great speed. He does possess a very powerful burst through the hole though. His long term speed when in a footrace is deceptive and he will outrun slower defensive backs.

Elusiveness: C+, By no means is Hill the type of running back that will make a bunch of quick moves and leave defenders on the ground. His strength does allow for him to slip tackles because he is just stronger than defensive backs. He has a solid on cut and go, but that really is the extent of his elusiveness.

Power: A, Hill is the most violent runner at the top of this class. I don’t buy the media hype around Carlos Hyde being such a physical back. Hill makes more contact and runs with much more authority. If Hill has his legs, he is extremely hard to bring down, especially be smaller defenders.  It would be nice if he ran with his pads a little lower so he could generate more power at the point of attack.

Credit to Chris Granger, Nola.com | The Times-Picayune

Credit to Chris Granger, Nola.com | The Times-Picayune

Vision: B+, When the designed hole opens he hits it hard, but when it’s not he needs to show a little more patience for the lane to open. He shows patience at times, but sometimes he just tries to bust through. Hill’s vision, as he gets downfield, allows him to tack extra yards onto his runs.

Catching: C+, Hill’s an average receiver at best, like most college running backs, but his size allows him to position himself between the ball and the defender better than most running backs.

Blocking: C+, Hill has the size to be a good pass blocking back, but lacks the correct technique to really shutdown oncoming defenders. He tends to just throw a shoulder and that won’t be effective at the next level. If he can get a square base and use his hands more he will be a very effective blocker in the NFL.

Overall: If you’re an NFL team looking for a bruiser back then Hill is your guy. Hill can be a workhorse and pound the ball all game. Hill generates a ton of power in his legs and can make defenders downfield pay if they choose to take him on. He has a deceptive burst and quickness that can turn into big plays.  I don’t believe there is one stud back in this class, but Hill would be in contention for that spot.

NFL Player Comparison: Steven Jackson, Atlanta Falcons

Grade: B, 3.0

Draft Projection: Rounds 2-4

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