Raw Results 6/17/13: Lesnar Versus Punk Won’t Work

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Alberto Del Rio addressed a near capacity crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan Monday night, just 24 hours  RAW_1047_Photo_189-1_crop_650       after winning the World Heavyweight title from Dolph Ziggler in a brutal match that Del Rio attacked Ziggler’s injured head. The newly turned heel angered the crowd by saying they all cheered for a coward referring to the night after WrestleMania where Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on an injured Del Rio.

The Mexican Aristocrat went on about how he should be respected for being a fighting champion and then proclaimed himself the best. That one sentence was enough to garner the attention of CM Punk as he made his entrance to a sea of cheers from the crowd.

The self-proclaimed “best in the world” entered the ring alongside his longtime friend Paul Heyman before grabbing a microphone as the audience looked on waiting for a pipe bomb. Punk wasted little time reminding Del Rio about losing the WWE title to him at the 2011 Survivor Series. He then told Del Rio that there was only one best in the world and that he was looking at him.

The crowd cheered on Punk as he challenged the World Heavyweight Champion to a main event match on Monday Night Raw. Paul Heyman jumped in immediately to make excuses for his client, but was silenced after Punk stopped him and told Del Rio that while he was stealing a title from Dolph Ziggler, Punk stole the show with Chris Jericho last night at Payback and wanted to steal the show again tonight against him.

Del Rio sounded cocky as he told Punk not to challenge him, telling the second city saint that he didn’t really want to do this. Punk completely ignored the warnings telling Del Rio “Yes I really do, I do want this” as Vickie Gurrerio came out and made the match official.

CM Punk ended up winning the match by count out after hitting the GTS on Del Rio. The Mexican aristocrat had other plans however as he ducked out of the ring before he could be pinned for the win. Punk was forced to look on as Alberto Del Rio ascended the ramp and awaited his count out to be announced.

Out of nowhere came Dolph Ziggler attacked Del Rio as both superstars ran off the set leaving Punk to stare in amusement. Punk’s amusement didn’t last long when Brock Lesnar came walking down the ramp accompanied by his heart pounding entrance song.

Lesnar and Punk had a stare down as fans watched on anxious to see what would happen next. Lesnar pulled a microphone to his mouth, but quickly dropped it and nailed Punk with a surprise F-5. The WWE Universe watched awestruck as Lesnar exited the ring leaving Punk motionless.

It was very encouraging to see CM Punk back in action after his month long hiatus from the ring. The only thing that really concerns me about Punk at this point is he doesn’t seem as fast as he used to be. During the event Monday night, Punk seemed to have to slowed his offense down during his match with Alberto Del Rio. He’s not striking his moves as fast and he’s definitely not the CM Punk the fans are used to seeing.

With Brock Lensar and Punk almost guaranteed to face off at Money in the Bank, it will be interesting to see how the WWE progresses this storyline between the two superstars. I honestly think that Brock’s already slow offense will end up slowing Punk down and making for a very boring match come Money in the Bank.

I know fans are excited about the return of Punk and WWE executives are obviously thankful to have the voice of the voiceless back, but I see it yielding little results in the long run with a less than perfect Punk. Some may see this as hating on the former WWE champion or even just ripping on him for the sake of ripping. I dare those people that think my claims are idiotic to look at Punk’s match at WrestleMania, then compare that to his match against Jericho at Payback. You will see a much less invigorated CM Punk.

What do you think of Cm Punk as baby face? Is he more entertaining as a baby face, than he was a heel? What do you think of Brock Lesnar versus CM Punk at SummerSlam? Let me know in the comments below.


Raw results

Christian defeated Wade Barrett with a “Kill Switch” for the win.

Team Rhode Scholars defeated Sheamus with a surprise roll up for the pin.

Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan when the match was called for Daniel Bryan’s injury.

Kane defeated Dean Ambrose United States Champion, Dean Ambrose, by disqualification.

Antonio Cesaro defeated William Regal with the “Neutralizer” for the pin.

Chris Jericho defeated Heath Slater with the “CodeBreaker” for the win.

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara.

CM Punk defeated World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio by count out.


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