Ric Flair: Arrest Warrant Issued

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Former WWE wrestler, Ric Flair is a wanted man. No, not for being “a grhyytstyling, profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling, son of gun,” but for failure to pay over $3200 to his ex wife, Jacqueline Beems.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for the former WWF Champion on July 3rd for failure to make spousal payments of 32,352.51. Court documents also state that Flair can avoid jail time, if he makes the full payment.  The payments are reportedly for Beems’ legal fees, car payments, and life insurance policy.

Beems, who filed for separation from Flair last summer, turned herself in Tuesday for allegedly making harassing phone calls to Flair’s current girlfriend, Wendy Kidder. She was later released on $500 unsecured bond. Her attorney later stated the charges on Beems were unfounded and outlandish.

Flair however told a different story to The Observer when asked about the alleged harassing phone calls by Beems.

“My girlfriend Wendy Kidder is the mother of four and she has 50 texts and five phone (voice-)mails from my ex-wife. They didn’t give Wendy a warrant for arrest without looking at all of that stuff.”

Flair did also spoke about his missed payments to the Charlotte Observer.

“The reason I didn’t pay my ex-wife the 32 grand is because my son died and I was in the hospital for a month. I was in the hospital for a month with a blood clot. I didn’t go to work for three months.”

Ric’s son, Reid Flair was found dead on March 29th in a South Park hotel room, part of a suite shared by his father. Autopsy reports state, Reid died from a combination of heroin and prescription drugs. A small tribute was made in Reid’s honor on the ABC show, “Wife Swap,” where at the end of the program a graphic was shown of Ric with his son Reid, and read in loving memory. You can watch the episode in its entirety below, including the tribute to Reid.


Flair married Beems back in November of 2009. The couple then separated in the summer of 2012, when Jacqueline accused Flair of having intimate relationships with other woman during the couple’s three year marriage, Beems’ attorney stated to the Charlotte Observer.

This isn’t the first time Flair and Beems have faced legal troubles. Three months after the couple got married, police were called to their home in Charlotte, North Carolina due to an altercation between the two. Beems was charge with misdemeanor assault, but charges were later dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence.




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