WWE: Can Brad Maddox Succeed As Raw General Manager?

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The WWE has finally decided to breathe some new life into the character of  tumblr_mpncy9Xmk51qlmfquo1_500 Brad Maddox. The former NXT Champion and rogue referee now finds himself as the man in charge of the WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. The only question is how will he handle it?

The firing of Vickie Guerrero took place Monday night on Raw, as Triple H and Vince McMahon argued over the fate of Vickie’s career. Triple H argued that this is a business and Vickie was not good for business, while Vince argued that this is a entertainment industry and that Vickie is entertaining to watch on television.

Her fate was ultimately decided by the WWE Universe when Stephanie McMahon let the exclusive WWE app fan vote determine if Vickie passed or failed as Raw’s general manager. When the results were announced on the Titantron that 75%  of fans voted that Vickie Guerrero had failed as general manager, Vickie became livid insulting the fans and saying “you can’t trust these people’s opinions on business decisions,” a phrase she said she learned from watching Stephanie’s father run the company.

She continued yelling at the McMahons, telling Triple H that she was not a spineless jelly fish and then continued yelling and crying at Stephanie. The billion dollar princess wasted little time uttering the words her dad had made famous for over 20 years, “You’re fired.”

The announcement sent the former general manager into a tailspin, as both Maddox and Vince McMahon tried to comfort her. Vince then turned his attention to the Raw audience saying he hoped they were happy with themselves for the decision they had just made. The fans erupted in goodbye chants to Vickie Guerrero as they booed her.

The response seemingly angered Mr. McMahon, who then announced Brad Maddox as the new Raw General Manager, saying it was exactly what the fans deserved. Brad immediately dropped Vickie and stood shocked at his promotion to the General Manager position.

While many are probably thinking this is improvement over former General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, all signs point to that not being the truth. The WWE has essentially replaced a recognized character that was able to build up heat from any crowd in any arena, to someone who has only been in the  business for a short amount of time and has gotten little to no reaction from fans.

Maddox’s character can only go two ways. One, he is easily intimidated by the other superstars and forced into decisions he himself wouldn’t make on his own, resulting in matches that the superstars bullied Maddox into. Or two, Maddox is fame hungry and lets the power of being General Manager go to his head, ultimately resulting in a Eric Bishoff type of demise.

The second character seems like the better option, especially since he can play the fame hungry kid on a power trip very well. The only question is, will fans react or relate to this character? Now that Maddox is stepping out from under Vickie Guerrio, it is essentially a do or die situation for this young kid’s career.

Fans were given  a little insight as to what the demeanor of the new Raw General Manager would be during a backstage fallout interview in which Maddox trashed his former boss and listed his subpar qualifications for being put in such a prestigious position. Although I could not find that video, I was able to find this video of Vickie attacking Brad Maddox after he tried brownnosing Mr. McMahon. You can watch it below.

In all honesty, Maddox’s character is capable of flourishing in his new found environment. He may never be able to receive the reaction Vickiedid by just saying excuse me, but given the right time and some decent writing from WWE creative, Maddox could be a great general manager of Raw.



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